Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Sour Mummy

Marina's first bit of orange - priceless!!

Her temp got higher the other night - to the point that we rang the hospital she is having her operation at to see if it was ok to give her a bum bullet to get her temperature down. They said yes but to contact them if she started getting spots or flu symptoms. We cooled her down that night - with a cool jelley pillow and cool packs under her arms. She slept six hours straight which was good considering. Up at four and in need of a bullet - which did the trick and kept temperature down, never to return again. fingers crossed.

We spent the day sleeping and being lazy yesterday. I went down for a nap with her at nine and woke up to her giggling to herself while trying to stuff both feet in her mouth just before lunch.

Had a play round at solar panel man's house this arvo (not with solar panel man - he was out selling solar panels, and also am married woman so that would be bad thing to do and besides, solar panel man weighs about twenty kilos less than me and that doesn't push my buttons) but came home for nap time - Marina is out cold and I am watching more olympics and about to check out amazon for anything that might amuse me during the two weeks in hospital. There is only so long one can look at tubes and machines without going insane. Hospital lights out is nine pm but what to do while Marina is sleeping. Can't exactly ask for a mop and do some cleaning. Don't like mopping. Vaccuuming and hanging out washing - if I had to say favorites. Least favorites - ironing and folding the washing. Luckily for me hub does his own ironing - I used to but made such song and dance about it he figured was easier, and quieter, just to do it himself. lessoned well learnt.

Hub has MORE drumming tonight. Granny K is going to keep an ear out for Marina after I have put her down - so that I can take Shou to see daddy drum. Is quite close so think will go on bike - except that bit scary as no lights on the road home - with river on one side and paddies on the other. Is a light on bike though and Shou would probably be quite excited if I gave him a torch to hold - although I doubt it would end up being much use and I may well have to hold it in my mouth instead. Need one of the miners helmets.

There is one more drumming thing after tonight - on Saturday. Is the big town one and there is a few stalls and a bingo game where you can actually win some cool stuff like bikes, TVs and beer. I of course have only ever one packets of tissues and instant noodles.

Right, I better get onto amazon and then start thinking about dinner. Made meatloaf yesterday that am about to recycle for tonight too. change the carbs to go with it and add a different soup and salad and wala - meatloaf a la japonese.



Lulu said...

That is a priceless photo! She looks so much like Shou! Do your kids look like you did when you were little or or more like your hubby?

Glad the temperature has come down- I hope it stays that way. What are these bum bullets? You mention them a lot...Are they only in Japan? I am not sure I could administer them if I had kids?!?! But I suppose once your a mum you will do anything for your kids!!!!

Were you looking on amazon for books or something else? What sort of books do you like? I would be happy to recommend some if you wish!!! I read heaps and if I didn`t get rid of my books as soon as I read them now I would send them over ( Iused to keep them all but living in a tiny apartment has cured me of that and now even though we have space at my dad`s place I tend to pass my books straight onto my mum or a friend.)

Do you use a laptop? Maybe you could download some good tv or movies and take your laptop to the hospital with you!?! What about craft? Do you knit? Another great, portable time killer!!!

I hate ironing too- in fact we didn`t own an iron in Tokyo and while my dad has one here now he doesn`t have an ironing board and just lays a towel on the table and irons on that?!?! I hate vaccuming!!!! How can you like it? My fav chores are probably hanging out the washing or general tidy up (putting stuff in organized piles etc!)

Oh god I am ranting now- I think I have had too much coffee!

Hope you made it home on the bike ok- through the rice paddies etc!!!

Nay said...

Like Lulu said, that photo is just fantastic!! I wonder how long it will take her to get used to it, lol!

I didn't own an iron the whole time whilst living in Japan, but just the other day Naoki and I went out and bought an iron... do you think he is trying to tell me something? lol, no, some of my clothes really DO need to be ironed (occasionally...)

Chores that I like? hrmm... is cooking a chore? Because I look forward to cooking dinner for Naoki everyday! Tidying up, folding clothes?? I'm getting kind of desperate here, lol! But then, I love having the house tidy and clean when Naoki gets home from work - so although I don't actually like cleaning, I like having a clean house!

Lulu's advice about downloading some movies onto a laptop would be a good time waster for you in the hospital - and it also some card games on it as well. I'm not really a knitting type person, but I find crocheting or something like that a good time killer? Reading? Doing puzzles?

I'm glad to hear Marina's temperature has gone down. I have every crossed for you all, so that she will ok for her operation... I'm sending all my good vibes your way.

gaijin wife said...

Home safe and sound :) Ordered a new Cathy Kelly, a cross stitch cushion cover and a beaded bracelet thing to 'chousen' while I am in hospital. Also have pile of mags and sodoku book.

Bum bullets are white hard soap consistency bullet shaped capsules you but up the bum. The dissolve really fast so are faster than oral meddy for getting a temerperature down. Once you start pushing them up they kind of just get sucked up and they are gone. Obviously funny sensation though as Marina and Shou both nutt out for about eight seconds and then forget about it. twenty minutes later and temp is down. Magic bloody miracle bullets. Am taking some home when go home for christmas - just in case.

I know what you mean about the tidy house Nay - like a tidy house but don't like the getting there. Definately me - minus the vaccuuming. Shhhh, but sometimes I vaccuum twice in one day!! arrghh call in the vaccuum police. Have to make up for Granny K's lack of it.

Am also a fan of organized piles Lulu. Best place to hide and find stuff, specially organized piles in out of the eye places - like under the couch or behind the slipper holder by the door - where I keep mags and newspapers.

I'm ranting too - better blog with photo of hub drumming.

Oh - Lulu - Yes, Marina and Shou almost bloody identical. They definately get the no hair big head thing from me - although I have hair now :) they look just like I did as a baby. Marina is perhaps a little more 'gaijin' looking cause her hair is lighter. Shou's is chestnut brown.