Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A Pizzled Granny K

Granny K got home a bit pizzled about an hour ago. Flushed cheeks and bloodshot eyes - which no doubt means three tablespoons of beer and a teaspoon of sake. Definately never being on my team for the hundreds club.

Today was the summer 'osettai' - I think I blogged about the spring one that was held at our house. Where we had all the vestlings round to help make rice and then hundreds of people came and prayed at the stone buddah alter outside and got a free lunch. The summer one isn't so full on. They only dish out bags of crisps which, as I discovered, actually requires the same amount of vestlings as dishing out a ten course meal. I wonder what they all did today? I wonder what the vestling hierachy is and how far Granny K is up or down on the vestling food chain?

Anyway, the day kicked off at half four - thanks very much Shou. Mummy!! I've done a nuggy in my nappy! Rightio then, no patting you back to sleep with that in your pants, better change it - in the semi dark on our bed. Bad move. Wriggly little fu&$'% managed to get shit on our duvet, his leg, my hand, arm and elbow. Am still not exactly sure how happened but I definately put the cross words out. "I have not raised you to wriggle round in poo at half four in the morning." So, down stairs and into the wash with everything bar Shou who got a good cloth down and plonked in front of Bob the builder while I got a coffee. Hub down shortly after as he was on stone buddah transporter duties at six am. Stone too heavy for vestling army so they enlist the young lads (yeah right) to move it.

Hub back in time to see fine breakfast bonanza spectaular involving Marina, Shou, some watermelon, some kiwifruit, some banana and a lot of yoghurt. Gotta live little kids don't ya. It's either that or lock them out the back with Granny K and some rotting vegetables and I haven't quite been driven that far - although the poo nearly had me this morning.

Shou off at kindy and Marina having her morning nap I core rythmed for a while (haven't got abs of steel yet) and then did some vaccuuming, hung out two loads of washing and made a carrot cake. Marina woke up and we went on mission to find cream cheese. That found, not in Kunimi, we had lunch and Marina practiced bum shuffling backwards and doing a few pressups while I iced the cake and got afternoon English class ready.

Granny K wanted to know if I could haul Marina off to 'osettai' while I was teaching English. Actually, she wasn't back by the time English started at 4pm (and we have a running Wednesday afternoon agreement) so I rang her and just casually asked if she minded looking after Marina for the hour. I huffed and I puffed and said wasn't bringing Marina to be prayed on by fifty vestlings with hacking coughs five days before her operation and that if mission victor charlie vestling couldn't carry on without Granny K for an hour then Marina would probably be fine watching the kiddies channel. Heard door open twenty minutes into English class.

Hub was home by the time I picked Shou up from kindy. We spent some family time playing on the grass - watering the plants, catching grass hopers ...

Kiddies had dinner, then kiddies had bath. Marina went to sleep. I taught evening english class. Granny K stumbles in. Hub goes to bed and here I am. and what would you know, the olympics just happen to be on. Japan beat Australia in Semi Final for the softball. Very good match.

Am off to friends house tomorrow to raid her bookshelf for hospital reading. Yay. Should be all good between the extra reading, the sodokus, the cross stitch and jewelery kits I have ordered off amazon. Not joking. Have never done either and may well end up with door mat and mystery beaded piece of string - is meant to be bracelet and embrodery cushion cover.

Right, better go to bed. No international relations meetings tonight.

Although, just before I go and while on topic of international relations, one of the men in hub's drumming group asked him at drinkies after their drumming last night - whether or not we actually sleep in same bed (more japanese couples than not don't sleep in same bed. Most common scenario is probably man on own futon and wife with kids) and if so, did we sleep touching all night - like in tangled love knot. Man in question is very open about his growing collection of foreign DVDs - and I don't mean the little mermaid. That said though the sex museum in Beppu has snow white doing some interesting things with the seven dwarves so it wouldn't suprise me if the little mermaid is out there in the world of Japanese porn.

I digress. Hub said yes we sleep in same bed but no to the tangled love knot. Man then wanted to know if I could perhaps teach his wife some english Oh baby, yeah baby, more baby type phrases. Gotta laugh.



illahee said...

i wanted to offer to visit you in the hospital, but i wasn't sure if non-family visitors were allowed, and i could only go on the weekend (because i am *sure* you don't need my kids there bouncing off the walls) and you probably have your husband visiting then. but if you need anything, let me know. i am an hour from the hospital, and never really need any excuse to go to the mall at the fukuoka dome (hardrock cafe and gap, gotta love it!)

marianne said...

LMAO at those stupid bed comments...must be getting a bit old now though.Get a life idiot man.

And wasn't that a great softball game last night.My DH was in tears at the end(too much shochu) ...

Anonymous said...

Ok its official. You make me laugh too much not to be on my blogroll. Thanks for brightening the day!