Sunday, 17 August 2008

One Week

It's eight at night and the cicadas are still singing! I guess if I only had a week to live I would be out rubbing my wings together, perhaps slugging back a few pints and chatting up a cicadette or two as well.

Hub, Marina and I are watching the gymnastics finals. American girl, , a Britney spin off, has just done a very good vault. Don't you just wish Phelps was from your country? Eight golds! What a bloody legend. Don't think New Zealand has gotten that many during the whole games from the whole team. What do you think Phelps has been eating for the last twenty years?? Not weetbix, that's for sure.

Woke up to rain this morning so hub's plans of taking Shou crab hunting and to the beach didn't get off the ground so we decided to take the kids to a shopping center about an hour away - the one with the cool ball play pit and slide. Hub and Shou spent half an hour there while Marina and I strolled around and then went to the home center to buy bee killer - for the nest outside Granny K's room.

Better go - Marina is having a bit of a hard time. Have just taken her temperature - 38 degrees. Here's hoping its just because she is tired and needs to do a big poo. Don't need a sick Marina a week before her operation.



kasandora said...

Everyone forgets about Phelps's DUI and drunken driving episodes...

I'm sorry it rained today, crab hunting sounds like fun!

When we got back to Tokyo today it was COLD! I was so wrapped!

Anonymous said...

A few just dropped off and landed on the Veranda = ( but I hear them bright and early...