Friday, 15 August 2008

On a Roll

Not a very exciting day today either but thought would post seeing as on a roll posting every day.

Took Marina's application to the post office and as luck would have it got the one postman who actually knows where New Zealand is. Took grand total of four minutes. Is always a worry sending passport through post though. Fingers crossed. We then swung by the bank to make a few transfers to various swiss bank accounts and then home to find Granny K hovering in the hallway waiting for us - could I please take her to her family home so she can pray at the alter and catch up with her brother and sister in law.

Do I have a choice?? Once again prime baby afternoon nap time but 'yes, of course, do you mind if we leave as soon as Marina has had lunch because she wont last much longer than that.

So we cruise to the next town over so that Granny K can pray and her brother can sit opposite us at the low table and smoke five ciggies in a row. He is actually very lovely though - and is in fact wee cuddly ewok type man that married hub and I - as family home is budhist temple.

I biked to pick Shou up from kindy as usual - despite some very 'ayashii' thunder clouds rolling in. Would have been fine if hadn't got side tracked talking to friend. But Shou and I got hammered on by the rain on the way home. Shou had on his anpanman poncho raincoat which stopped maybe the top of his T-shirt getting wet. I have never biked so fast home - was great J-Lo butt workout.

About friend I was talking...

She is six months pregnant wither her second child - so of course the natural conversation starter is how are you and bumpette? She asked after Marina and I said all good and finally going in to hospital the week after next to get operation over and done with. I thought everyone in Kunimi already knew but she obviously didn't. She then dropped into the conversation that she has to have an operation too. I ask why. She said she has uterus cancer (shikyugan). They discovered it a few months ago and she is being checked regularly to make sure it doesn't spread. If it doesn't then she will be able to have her baby naturaly and then have a hysterectomy a month later. If it starts to spread then obviously her four year old son comes first - in that he needs her more than she needs a baby she has never met. If it came down to it. My God. There goes nice fuzzy Friday.

She said nobody apart from immediate family knows - she was obviously needing to tell someone else. Makes me feel my rant about Marina's operation was nothing compared to what she must be going through everyday worrying about her baby and her own body.

I tried to email her but she must have changed her phone. She is so 'genki' everytime I see her - that in itself must be taking its toll.

To change topics - hub had drumming for an obon dance festival tonight. The dance finished at nine but he rocks up about ten - smelling suspiciously like a shochu factory. All smiles and love thy wife niceities.


typing this forty minutes after last paragraph.

Have just thrown mobile phone against the wall. Think have broken screen and will need to go and purchase nice bling bling new one tomorrow.

After all the niceities hub turned on telly and started watching movie about world war II. Got all - you realise we have to tell Shou all about the nuclear bombings by america rah rah. I said yes of course but must also tell him about Japanese badies too. And about the maori wars in new zealand. He will also learn about yummyness of hokey pokey icecream, lamb chops and pavlova. Not that comparing those things to importantness of war. But christ, he has raved on for twenty minutes about that followed by what we should say to Shou and Marina when they turn 18 and have to decide which passport they want - Japanese or New Zealand. Followed by a shochu induced brain connection on how I always 'run away' from arguments. I admit, if the Japanese is getting too much I do choose the just can't deal with this anymore approach - which he takes as running away.

Now, after an hour and a half of hub talking more than ten woman after a couple of bottles of wine and expecting me to have an answer for everything, I asked to just please stop the dribble.

Yes, Japan was hard done by when the Americans dropped the bombs
Yes, I guess in some strange way I did agree to live with his mum (and therefore all the problems we have are my own fault because I agreed to live with her (ARRGGGHHH))
Yes, I think you are a good man for working everyday and bringing home the paycheck to pay for the new house (no thanks to me for paying for all light fixtures, curtains and whiteware - in cash, no loan - followed by paying off new car and garden - not to mention the nice bit of extra cash my english teaching and translating brings in - and in fact pays for all of daily living expenses and treats as hub's pay pays for all loans (including ones from before married) and utilities and about two cents left over for groceries.)

I tried ladies, I truely did, to stroke the ego - but he must have been out for a bite. And being a good kiwi woman I took a huge bloody chomp which resulted in mobile phone meets sliding door scenario. He then spent five minutes whining like a two year old (dejavu) about could we please go to bed together - as in sleep - I think even he knew his shag chips were pretty low.

NOT tonight buddy. Am sleeping on floor in Shou's room - seeing as will have to be up for him a couple of times between now and five o'clock anwyay.

I have never done the silent treatment. Might have to give it a go and see if it nets me anything worthwhile.



illahee said...

good luck!! i have never been good at the silent treatment--i need to talk too much! haha. strange, though, because my father is an EXPERT at the silent treatment. once he didn't speak to my mom for about six months. SIX MONTHS!! can you imagine?

Lulu said...

I am quite good at the silent treatment. Am also good at storming out. Oh and hanging up. Shun sucks at arguing which usually means I win all our arguments which luckily (so far!) have been few and far between. Let us know how the silent treatment goes! I get it from my mum- To top it all off I am a very emotional person!!!

Your poor friend- how difficult it must be for her to know that she may need to give up her baby. She is in my thoughts and I am sending positive vibes!

On that note, am sending positive vibes for you, Marina and your family. Best of luck leading up to and during Marina`s operation. I wish you all the very best!

gaijin wife said...

six months?? I lasted eight and a half minutes. Crap. I can do the hanging up OK if pushed and have run away to friends house with Shou one night. Wish had run away house in closer proximity - especially as that friend has now moved back to Ireland. After an argument sometimes just staying in the same house drives me insane.

Thanks for positive vibes. Am very optimistic abou that and just looking forward to all actually getting underway and over with.

illahee said...

i should add that we kids were much older. my sister was probably 10 or 11, plus this is my dad we're talking about, not my mom who is awesome and can do everything without his help, anyway. at least, with big kids. when we were smaller, my dad was gone a lot (navy) so she just did everything anyway. *sigh* wish i could do the silent treatment sometimes, my husband can be such a clod!!