Thursday, 14 August 2008

Blog Award

Last night, Cassandra from 'It's a Sunny Day in Fuchu' gave me a blog award. Cassandra, you said far too many nice things which I feel must copy and paste for wider viewing.
"Gaijin Wife! I really admire her energy, strength and most of all patience ... Further more, her writing has even changed my vernacular. I pass an old person on the street and think in my head..."what a cute vestling". Rah Rah Rah! I am so glad I found her weblog, because every day I read her posts and am simultaneously inspired and entertained."

I really don't have much patience - and the little bit I do have is probably the difference between life as I know it and 25 years in jail for doing Granny K in. Now I think that for having received a blog award I now have to forward it on to seven (?) other bloggers, and I am presuming they have to be first time award getterers??

Today was a very quiet day. Had a bit of a horrendous night with Shou, so when I went down for a five minute shut eye at half eight with Marina I didn't end up waking up till ten. Even then I may well have slept on if the priest from next door wasn't over doing priestly things to our family alter. I think he comes back at the end of 'obon' to do the farewell spirit thing too.

Finally finished Marina's citizenship and passport application. Need to get to post office tomorrow to send by registered post to New Zealand which could turn out to be as much of a mission as trying to get Granny K to scrape offensive vege patch off her floor. I wonder if she has lost some of her sense of smell.

Today she tried to tell me that Marina sleeps too much during the day - because the two times she made herself at home in here Marina happened to be upstairs - as was prime baby sleep times. Think she is getting bossier in her old age too.

Time to bring your washing in - it's half past three.
Go and get Shou now.
Marina needs some water.

Very minor, shouldn't sweat the small stuff, things but a very relaxing thursday turns not so with Granny K bullshite buildup. What would she think if I came out with the odd

Think you need another row of pearl, normal, backstitch on that there violet colored vest.
Hey K, shut the door properly when you go to the toilet. There's only so much Granny I need to see.
You know the lock I put on the outside of your door (that goes into our hall) and said was so could keep Shou out of playing in your lighter and vitamin infested room - was actually so could keep you in.

Actually this is lies a bit - we do have a lock on her door but it is a two-way no key thing so unfortunately I can't lock her in - although the locksmith and I had giggle about putting proper lock in.

Spent afternoon taking Marina for walk round paddies, getting English sorted and discovering must be part Indian somewhere down the track because made very credible chicken korma, carrot salad and Raita - cucumber and yoghurt sauce stuff. Must admit that uncle Patak helped out a bit with the Korma - although I still had to dice onions, potato and chicken as if true indian. Well diced Kate.

Shou hasn't been initiated to the delights of Indian curry yet and seeing as dinners of late have been a battle I decided that he would be having fish shaped baby hash browns, rice with anpanman sprinkles, a few meatballs, some veges and some kiwifruit. Hub has voiced in the past that he prefers Japanese curries to real ones. To his credit however he ate absolutely everything and I think I even caught a finger going round the rim of the plate!! Will need to sort those table manners out before we go home. Right up there with the way he eats ramen - which, if the kids have been testing me and my patience is running thin, almost drives me to wanting to maybe get the inkan (seal) out for 'the' papers.

The kids bathed and we had some johnson and johnson commercial family time on the deck. I even think hub threw Marina up in the air and she came down laughing. Shou was playing on his anpanman slide and I may have even had an arm casually drapped over hub's shoulder. Everyone had shiney 'it won't happen over night but it will happen' hair and the world was at peace.

The kids went to bed without too much fuss although thinking back I don't think Shou brushed his teeth. Don't tell social welfare, I promise I'll make him clean them twice in the morning to make up for it. I had an 8 - 9 English class which went well. Hub has gone to bed and I am just witnessing Japan lose to Korea in Table Tennis.

In other very one-sided Japanese Olympic news. Japan bloke got a silver in fencing - first time in history. He was quite sexy too - the ten seconds you got to see in between hits anyway. Another quite attractive 19 year old lad got silver in individual gymnastics. Was excellent. One of the badminton girls double teams lost to Korea in the semi final but they still have chance at bronze. Japanese butterfly hero 'Kitajima' won gold in the 200 metres as well - which means he is first Japanese person ever to win two gold medals at two consecutive olympics. He won 100 metres too. Archery woman lost in semi finals. Today's Judo was a bit of a wipe out and didn't get the medals we hoped for. Thats all for today.

I think I want to start a 101 things to do in 1001 days list - but my computer wont let me post a list. Maybe I can just stick one to my fridge and blog about each thing as I get to tick it off. Not as much fun though and then I might need to explain some things to Hub - and no doubt half of list would be things about him or Granny K.

No. 1 Order wine off internet
No. 2 Drink wine ordered off internet
No. 3 Hit Granny K over head with empty bottle
No. 99 Start down payments for retirement home for Granny K
No. 100 Start to slowly get rid of all Granny K's shit from the outhouse so can
a) turn it into retirement home (but far too close), or
b) bash the dividing wall down and turn into Kunimi's first starbucs
No. 101 Have a vest garage sale - ending in fireworks and huge bonfire to burn any leftovers.

I think will have bath and then hit the hay - minus the romping.



illahee said...

congrats on the award!!

Lulu said...

You deserve the award! Your posts always crack me up!

Shun`s table manners are shocking sometimes too- So i understand! Mainly it has to do that he is crap using a knife and instead just puts a fork in a giant peice of meat or veg and shoves the WHOLE thing in his mouth! UHHHHHHHHH!

I wonder why you can`t post 101 things in 1001 days? Do you mean on your blog? or on the 101 things in 1001 days site?

I haven`t really used blogger much before but if it is a formatting or html thing then let me know and I can try and sort it out for you! Would love to see your list- would be interesting when you got to No. 3!

Have a good weekend GW!