Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Just Quickly

A quiet day in the Aramaki household today. Granny K was again a ship passing in the night - bar the essential words needed to communicate essential information like please have a bath and thank you for looking after Marina while I went to get Shou from kindy etc etc. Hasn't quite gotten to the stage where I can't say anything and feel need to mime actions. She has pottery tomorrow and I usually go and pick her up because she likes finishing ten minutes after the free bus leaves. Can you not spin that wheel a little bit faster woman? Will be interesting to see if I am number one choice for mode of transport or whether she bribes another vestling for a free ride. Can't see her hitch-hiking or flashing her boobs at passing trucks. But you never know, they might be better options than asking thy bitch of thy daughter in law to come and pick thy (??) up.

Hub came home from work at about six and then had to leave again at about seven to go to 'bon odori' drumming at the local old people's home. Obon is the time of year when we welcome our ancestors back to the house for a few days before bidding them bon voyage back to the land of the dead. We eat speically made sweets, bang drums, dance and light incense. We as in the Japanese in me. The town revitalisation group that hub is in drums at about 80 percent of the drumming and dance Obon events in Kunimi. The old people's home, the ex-mayor's temple, the homes of the people who are 'celebrating' (??) the first year anniversary of a family member's passing (God knows I would be celebrating the first year of Granny K's passing - says she who would be then left with looking after kids with NO help - ungrateful bitch I know, SIGH), and the social welfare centre - which is the biggest bash in town. Hub isn't the best drummer but he does get a good bash in there about four times a night.

He came home tonight with three cans of beer - the others were drinking at the old people's home (what fun) but Hub of course has dragon gaijin wife at home that he has to go home and wait on so he gets excused some times. Good lad. I don't mind being the 'kibishii' (strict) wife if it means I get to see hub at least half as much as I would if we were a New Zealand couple without rurual bollocks / Japan civil servant crap / volunteer fire brigade / wannabe baseball team obligations.

So that's today's news. Nothing too exciting.

Nighty night.



marianne said...

God I'm so slow;just realised(even tho' you mention it in your About Me blurb that I just saw) that your DH is "a Gov employee in rural Japan"...err,snap;)That explains a lot....

Lulu said...

Isn`t it funny how all of us with Japanese partners think "yay, he is home early" when he comes in at 8 yet coming home at 8 would be unheard of in our home countries....at least most of the time!!