Friday, 29 August 2008


Will start with appologies for last night. Falling off chair sideways not very spectacular event on my part. Marina slept very well and Shou only wanted mummy once during the night.

Very uneventful morning - spent mainly cleaning up. House wasn't exactly 'messy' as such when came home but still had to spend few hours de-Granny K-ifying it.Why is it that old people always smell like mothballs?

Marina decided against usual morning nap so had to be satisfied with hanging out in her walker while I vaccuumed and dusted. Did two pointless loads of washing as pissed down all day. What is point in having covered deck when clever Japanese rain comes in bloody sideways!!

Solar panel man's wife and son came round for catch up mother in law bitch session this arvo. I didn't have much to contribute - which is unusual. She was here when at half two hub rang with news about operation. Next available date 27th of October - the day after Marina turns one. Am ABSOLUTELY bloody gutted. Not about birthday thing but because, as mentioned in earlier blog, if that operation then gets postponed for any reason we have no leeway (have never written that before. someone please enlighten me on correct spelling)before going home at end of November. Arrrggghhh. No doubt our cheap as can find tickets have small print that says cancellations only get fifty percent return or something. What do you do?? Do you cancel trip all together in pesemistic view that Marina will probably get cold or infection and operation will need to be postponed? Or do you say flag it, open another bottle of wine and drink to the gods of good fortune coming to your party.

I know. I know. Where's the corkscrew. Bring on the optimism.

Oh my god!! Have just run hand up leg and realised haven't shaved since went into hospital. Got to be amongst world's hairiest creatures at moment. Hub must have been too excited during last nights international relations meeting to notice. That, or he knows acknolwedging such criminal offence would not bode well for future meetings! Bless him.

Anyway, thought was about time had a few pics of the sprogs.

This is Shou having grape time before bed - with his fire engine and police car of course. He is now sound asleep with tummy full of said grapes and said vehicles in each hand.

This is most recent pic of Marina - taken on about Monday in hospital. She looks like drugged out but infact just sleeping with eyes not quite closed. She loves her glow worm - which for a few months was being held hostage by Shou. She was reclaimed what is rightly hers. Good on her. She is now asleep with pictured worm tucked under arm.

Hub just got home - and made lots of encouraging noises about meat and potato stew (nikujaga). Slowly but surely he is learning the fastest road to more internatinal relations meetings.

Oooh, talking about boys learning fast...

This morning we were trying to get Shou to go wees on potty - bribing him with car from new set of emergency vehicles - brought just for this purpose. Said he would get one for a wee and two for a nuggy. He said nothing would come out - but could he have a police car anyway. Well no. He leaves room and next thing you know I find him filling up his potty with water.

Nearly had to give him emergency vehicle just for effort.


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Lulu said...

That really sucks about Marina`s operation!!! Do you think you could explain your circumstances and have them put you on a list in case there is a cancellation earlier (Who took Marina`s spot when her recent operation was cancelled for example?)- sure they might ring you the day before and say "Get to Fukuoka" but if she is genki at the time that might be fine!

It is winter here in OZ so I haven`t shaved my legs in weeks- Don`t feel bad. I don`t think Shun has ever noticed and if he has he hasn`t said anything! I am pretty sure all they care about is "international relations" and would not jeapodize that! hehe!

Old people always smell like mothballs- I am not sure why but they always do. Unfortunately it can not be helped.

I think Shou should get a toy car just for been such a smart kid- honestly that is genius! I hope the toilet training starts to go better- just let him walk around the house with no pants. It is summer- not like he will get cold or anything!

Again I am really sorry to hear abotu Marina`s operation been postponed to such a late date- no advice on the tickets unfortunately but I would still keep them and just hope for the best!