Saturday, 9 August 2008

GK Logic Returns

According to Granny K the teams walked in during the Olympic opening ceremony according to the number of letters in their country's name. When she was expelling these infinite words of wisdom she was saying the names of each country out in Japanese English - which is, as we all know, the official language of the entire world. I was laughing so much on the inside I didn't have enough breath to try and help her out. Here's to voting Granny K on to the International Olympic Committee.

The Japanese lightweight 48 kg Judo sensation Tani Ryoko has just won bronze. Not looking too happy about not being in the final but she is a bloody legend. She has won a medal at five consecutive olypmic games and she is only my age - a whopping 32. She has won silver, silver, gold, gold and now bronze. Our 48kg wieghtlifter Hiromi didn't get a medal like her father - she did come in 6th though which is three places better than her last olypmics. In other results, our single badminton chick won her first round. I think the women's soccer lost to the states. The jap men in the 10 metre pistol shooting didn't make it to the final and... well, I think that is all the Olympic rundown I can offer so far. You could always ask Granny K directly. I am sure she is lot more informed than I am.

Today was 'ohaka souji' - cleaning the family grave - before the obon season. Granny K has relieved herself of such duties so volunteered to look after Marina while I went with Hub. Thanks for that. I have been doing it for the last three years anyway. Last year she 'suggested' I used scrunched up newspaper to clean the shit of the stone. So I did. Works good when you are cleaning glass - but stone and tiles is a joke. But I did as I was told and the grave turned out somewhat cleaner than when I started. While I clean the five towered grave hub cuts the grass and weeds and protects thy wife from over fed insects. Is like 'where the wild things are' Japanese rural style.

Anyway, this year Granny K has obviously forgotten that scrunched newspapers is the be all and end all to grave cleaning - this year can I please use some old ripped up towels. I asked what about the newspaper - and the silly woman pretended that she didn't know what I was on. God, I don't know what I'm on half the time but it sure isn't half as strong as what she's on.

Hub and I spent an hour this morning cleaning and mowing. The grave is now ready for the family to go and pray on the 13th - the day we go and pick up our ancestors and bring them home to the family alter. The first year I was involved in this Granny K said that Hub's father must like me becuase he was riding on my back!! What's that about. Have never even met the man - definately don't wont him riding on my back. Tis only 500 meters home anyway. Walk. or get your wife or son to piggy back you. Do you think spirits look over your shoulder and down your top?? Bloody hope not.

Anyway, Shou came home from kindy and for about ten minutes both kids had a complete meltdown, which Granny K witnessed and thought her advice of "they must be tired, Marina has a full nappy, Shou looks thirsty ..." was going to help. Surely she has learnt by now that mummy meltdown is worse than kiddy melt down and that she is at the core of almost every mummy meltdown.

Meltdown over, both kids in bed. Hub is now ironing his shirts for next week and I am, well on the internet. Nearly time for bed.



illahee said...

i am finally watching the opening ceremony (aussie TV) and apparently the order was: number of strokes in the country's name according to the chinese way of writing the name. phew.

so, does that make granny k right??

gaijin wife said...

OK. This is scary. Granny K might have some ground to stand on this time. Must look up kanji for Zambia - as they were last in before China. Must be very complicated.