Monday, 11 August 2008

Foot and Mouth Disease

Well, not quite, as Shou is not a cow. It is Foot, Hand and Mouth Disease (teashikuchi byo) and runs rampent in kindergartens at least once a year. Appears Shou is first sufferer in kindy this time round - but then where did he get it from?? Haven't been round kids over the last week. Took Shou to kindy this morning - but got phone call at half nine saying could I come and pick him up as there appear to be spots on his hands as well as tongue.

I went to get him and took him straight to the doctors as kindy said they wouldn't take him back unless he had an all clear that it wasn't the foot, hand and mouth disease - which is highly contagious. We practiced saying 'arrghhh' for the doctor the whole way in the car - in between singing very loud renditions of 'the dragonfly's glasses.'

Oh dear - have just sang Advance Australia Fare along with gold medal winner of women's 100m butterfly. Crap crap crap. Am useless un-nationalistic supporter.

Anyway, doctor said straight away - after pointing at extremely almost non existent spots on Shou that he did indeed have the disease. No medicine will help get rid of it but he could give us some pain killers and some cream to rub on his tongue - sorry, but can you see any mother getting close enough to rub cream on her two year old's tongue. Spent twenty minutes trying not to nut out at the chemist while we waited for our prescription and then it was home james - past the dairy and three yoghurt drinks. Straws are good. They miss the spots on the tongue.

Granny K looked after Marina while we were out and after got home asked her to help out bit more as wanted to keep Marina and Shou apart as much as possible. Realise that if Marina was going to get it foot and mouth it probably would have spread by now but must do anything can - as doctor confirmed fear that Marina getting it now could mean she wouldn't be OK to have operation in two weeks - which sent me off on spiral of..

If she can't have operation in two weeks
and it has to be postponed
and all the next month in already booked
and she can't have operation untill end of October
and we need at least a one month clear before we go home
then we can't go home as planned at end of November.


hate having overactive imagination

Will all be fine.

And in fact, No. 1 travel emailed today and said that as soon as I cancel my bookings with the other travel agents I have running round for me, they can confirm all parts of our journey. Korean Air doesnt like trying to confirm tickets with three different agencies for same person. understandable. Will email Yoshi at Number 1 travel first thing tomorrow.

Oooh - heared Granny K gummy talking for the first time tonight. As in without her teeth. Has very high pitched voice. I only found out a while back that she didn't have any real teeth. Shou got a bit scared shitless when she cleaned teeth while holding them in her hand. brusha brusha brusha not quite the same since then.

Seems Granny K and I are back to normal after our meltdown the other day. But watch this space because it is only a matter of time.

Was thinking of starting a diet blog. Will anyone leave comments of encouragement??
Don't have enough will power to do on own and hub just laughs at any attempts.


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Anonymous said...

Ugh the same thing is going through my daycare, oh AND croup. I'm knocking on wood.