Saturday, 2 August 2008

Etchi Alegery and Skin Disease Clinic

I spent the morning finishing painting Shou's new sand pit - which used to double as a yakiniku (BBQ) table but which is moving onwards and upwards to the land of sand pits. It doesn't have any sand in it yet - but who cares when you can race cars on the top of it.

Marina slept for a record three hours this morning - hence why I got chance to finish sand pit. I did, in the process, manage to paint the deck a bit of red and yellow but hey, all fun and games. said right before spending twenty minutes scrubbing deck with newspaper and bum wipes. Actually quite effective. Baby bum wipes are so under rated.

At lunch time got call from kindy saying Shou had mysterious rash in a ring round his tummy - as in from front to back. He woke up saying he had a saw tummy - but at two years old his word for sore is also his word for uncomfortable, itchy ...
So Hub went and picked him up and true to word he had red belly. This morning he woke up with wet PJ's - either he pee-ed his nappy more times than a pregnant woman, or his billy bob, willy wonker, charlie, big fella (?), small fella(?) was hanging out the side a bit! I am thinking he slept for few hours on pee soaked PJs - explains mysterious corn field type ring round tum.

However, as live in land of hyperchrondriacs we had to take him to the skin doctor - JUST IN CASE was actually apendiscitis (why do I choose words I can't spell) showing signs from the outside!! So, we left Granny K looking after Marina (thanks GK) and took Shou to docs. Maki had to miss out on his firemans firetruck parts replacement bonanza. Good man. He tried to convince me to go on own but I played the silly woman can't navigate card - despite having thousand dollar car navigation system in car (which, and this is completely going off on a tangent - I have figured out has two voice settings. The voice can instruct you in formal polite Japanese 'Please take a right turn in approximately three hundred metres', or as if naviagation neechan (lady) is your best friend 'hey, swing a right here aye'. Was great find)

So anyway, we go to doctors and hub decides that he will get his athletes foot looked at. We go into exam room and young nurse woman asks us million questions.

Do you use body soap or normal soap in the shower?
Do you use a nylon or a cotton towel?
Do you wear socks to bed?
Do you prefer vodka or gin?

Sorry, made that one up.

The doctor came in and prescribed creams and oral medicine for both Shou and hub. The nurse then came in and showed Hub how to rub the cream on his feet correctly - just in case he was a complete retard and had never rubbed cream on feet before. Now I know I wont be able to portray this as well as when it happened but basically she put some cream on her gloved hands and put it in a line from hubs foot to his toes saying 'just apply a line of cream from here to here' (said in pornstar voice - very very slowly and she may have even batted an eyelash or two). She then lathered the cream in - hub went a little red and I tried to stiffle laugh into top of Shou's head, who was sitting on my knee - totally engrossed in lovely neechan (young lady nurse). The nurse then proceeded to wrap Hub's feet in gauze as if had third degree burns. I am sooooo proud of self for not laughing out loud at outlandish medical practice.

Hub admitted that he felt embarrased and I suggested maybe we could use as fantasy play - so that all I had to do was massage his feet in future. He said there is not substitute.

We got home and Granny K said Marina was up for two hours and asleep for the last hour. I was not sure if GK would agree to letting us put her to bed and then take Shou to local festival. But she did, so we left after putting Marina to bed at seven. She didn't wake up - and is still in deep slumber, despite now facing the opposite end of her cot.

The local festival was well, a local inaka Japan festival. Wannabe singer performing on stage, stalls selling beer, shaved ice, tea, fried chicken, octopus balls (as in round things not testicals), noodles etc. We got some of all of the above and sat self on biggest blue taupalin (hmmm, big blue sheet)known to man kind. Shou was engrossed in his shaved ice for a good forty minutes and for a second there I though we might be a goer for the fireworks starting at nine. NINE??? If anyone out there is in charge of fireworks starting time orders then take note - it is dark at eight. everyone, bar the 14 year olds hanging out the back wanting a bit more time to pash before the bright lights hit in, want the fireworks to start at eight.

We had to hightail it about ten past eight. Shou was asleep within ten seconds of being put in his car seat. No fuss being transferred to bed either.

Just another day.



Ruth said...

Wow, I love what you did to the yakiniku table.... your talents are wasted in inaka ;P What are you going to do for yakiniku in the summer now?

kasandora said...

the table looks great! I wish I had room for such things!

And that is a great story about the docs...I have had equally etchy things happen to me before in this country, but I won't take up a long blurb of comment space to tell you about it now...hehehe...
what would I do without your blog first thing in the morning to make me giggle!

marianne said...

Great work on that table.Jack in the teaching and start a business!

Hope the itching improves...