Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Drink yourself skinny

Am just watching program on TV about fatties who decided to diet by unusual means. One woman dyed everything blue before she ate it because she couldn't get round the thought of eating lots of blue food. This man realized that after a hard night on the lash he couldn't face food the next day - surprise suprise. He lost 40kg in half a year!!

Marina and I had another relatively quiet day today. Granny K found other means to get home from pottery and has said a total of about two sentences to me all day. She got an unknown vestling to bring her home - well at least I didn't recognize the car and she appeared to be bowing over backwards when she got dropped off.

I had two english classes today. The pre-school one from four only had three kids today. I am friends with one of the mothers so her and her son came over an hour early to gossip and drink ice-coffee. Her husband, who is also a town office employee, apparantly does nothing at home and doesn't even really offer to go out with the kids in the weekends unless it is in the car. I told her about Hub taking Shou to catch crabs, and going to the beach rah rah and she was green with envy. I guess it makes you realize the good in your man. She doesn't live with her mother in law though - they live next door and the grandmother in a house joined to that. The grandmother (now 88) used to be a nutritionist for school lunches. She makes the dinners for them so she, my friend, only really fixes breakfast. While she was here I was talking to her while I was doing what I could for dinner, which was making scotch eggs. She was highly impressed by my moulding a mince patty around a hard boiled egg!! Made me feel very Matha Stewart - minus the prison sentence.

I had another English class this evening - and this was the second week of me not using any Japanese for the first forty minutes. They definately use more English too when I do this - even though it does do my head in something chronic.

Hub has just gone to bed and I think I might go join him.

Sorry for boring post but Grannk K on the blink doesn't lead for very interesting life.



Sara said...

Not boring.. relaxing!!

I'm just curious what about not using Japanese for the first 45 minutes of your class makes you head want to explode? The hearing of poor English or how your Japanese gets messy after not using it for a bit!

(In my case its both... I use J so much now that if I speak English with natives for just a few hours my J is all wonky for the rest of the day ;P ) booyah....

tj-injapan said...

Bring back Granny K!!!

Hey that might be a good slogan for a promo t-shirt when you are trying to flog you memoirs in book form.

Lulu said...

Talking in English to my partner does my head in. It shouldn`t but it does.

I wonder if him talking to me does his head in cos then he has to listen to my crazy/crap Japanese!

Blue food? Weight loss has gone to the wayside for me so might need to try this!