Friday, 8 August 2008


Sitting here with a glass of New Zealand wine watching three extremely leggy and blond girls from Iceland walking in with their team during the opening ceremony. Japan has come in already but I have yet to see New Zealand. From what I can tell the order of entrance has been decided by someone who has had too many hash cookies. Finland has just been followed in by Croatia. I thought it was usually alphabetical?

I went to put Shou down at about half seven and ended up dribbling all over his McQueen pillow and banging my head awake at ten o'clock. I did better than him though. He had turned himself completely around and had both legs sticking out between the bars and almost had his open mouth dangerously close to my smelly foot. I did some go go gadget big body bendy moves and left him as is.

I made it downstairs in time for the most boring part of the olympics. The walk in of the opening ceremony. Here comes Albania - obviously slightly pissed that the alphabetical order thing has been flagged and they have been standing out the back for the past two hours. Much more fun to be inside in the all the excitement.

Went to remote Indian place for lunch - and I was slightly misled. No real indians, no turbans and no snake charmers - or am I getting my countries mixed up. There was however a lovely Japanese couple, the husband of which was the chef. My friend and I both had the special lunch which was a mix of a little bit of about five dishes. Was very yummy and cheap at the price of one thousand yen. I will definately be going back to try the other bits on the menu.

Hub has just walked in the door - very impressive time of 11 o'clock. Impressive in that he was out with his office (for no apparant reason - other than time for office drinking bash) for yakiniku (BBQ) and Kareoke and has made it without stumbling through the door before midnight. He has just gone for a bath - and obviously thought his good behavior in getting home on time (I had asked him before he left to try and be home by eleven - as the BBQ started at six and five hours of drinking and thrashing out bad renditions of boy band Japanese songs was long enough) would maybe earn him some bath time with his wife.

Sorry darling but it is just too hot to get in there again - and besides Puerto Rico have just walked in. I have some serious olympic viewing to do.

I don't think hub has anything on tomorrow so maybe some sushi could be in order - although the bloody olympics, what with it being held in such a close time zone and all - means compulsory viewing from about 10am. I have no idea what New Zealand is in - probably some canoeing, possible a shot putter and a triathlete. I doubt Japan will show anything other than what their athletes are in anyway - so may as well just cheer for the Japanese team. The media works them up so well and I feel like I almost know some of them and therefore would be highly unfair to not cheer for them and cry a bit when they win or are defeated. There is some Judo on tomorrow - and a weightlifing girl who has been on news A LOT lately. Her dad was in the olypics many moons ago for weight lifting too. She is a tiny thing - forty something kgs - and she is going to lift a total of 200kg - with her snap and jerk and her whatsyamacall it other lift.

Japan does well at Judo and one woman - who is same age as me is onto her THIRD olympics. She is going for her third gold in China. She is a national hero and you can't help get sucked in the hype.

and there is President Bush standing up and waving to the team from the United States. Really got to feel sorry for the members who don't suit their uniform. I wonder if NZ was one of the first in, and therefore made entrance before I got here or if they are still out the back twiddling their thumbs. There is American Samoa. Flag holder looks like picture of front of travel brochure.

Right, you all really don't need a running commentary of the opening ceremony. As predicted my wine internet shopping the other day arrived this morning. I shall have another glass and at least wait up to see the end of this.


Hub has just asked if his breath smells too much. He usually gets a futon down stairs after these drinking things cause he stinks of shochu and snores like a steam roller. He is now shaving.....

He must be thinking he is getting some action tonight. What's that about - shaving at midnight. Am all for the mouth wash gargle though



tj-injapan said...

I just turned the tv on at 12:06am, and saw the Australia team walk in (unexpected but nice timing), they are 3rd last to walk into the stadium, or "bird's nest" as they seem to be calling it, followed by Zambia, then China. Seems like unordered chaos (an oxymoron?) going on with the entrance order.

Loving your running commentary - I'll be tuning in to channel gaijin wife for the next 2 weeks then!

kasandora said...

damnit, I missed it! I wanted to see the firework feet!