Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Doing 'horumon'

I tried with my English class this evening I really did, but half an hour into my forty minute Engish only time I lost it and pulled out the yakuza 'korrrra, shizuke ni se' - shut the fuck up!! Actually not using a swear word so not that bad in English. And the students have been coming to me for over two years so even when I am angry they think it's a laugh. Today I had prepared a chart to learn 'What is .... doing on ..... ' (eg: what is Sue doing on Monday? - she is going shopping. etc etc)

I patentially explained everything in Japanese - and I even think most of it got through. After my wee explosion in Japanese we got on with it. One of the girls is only junior high first year while the others are second years. Today she came out with a couple of fantastic errors that I feel compelled to share.

Correct example: What did Sue do on Monday?
Her mistake: What did Sue do on Tom?

Correct example: He did nothing.
Her mistake: He did horumon. ?????!!!! How can you mix up horumon with nothing. horumon is used for 'cow intestines' - specifically the kind a lot of Japanese people like to BBQ. Right up there with barf gag beans. Word is also used for hormones.

I had tears in my eyes. I think the kids were just pleased they had averted a major telling off.

Shou went back to kindy today. Yay of yays. He was gagging to get back to his friends - especially little Ami-chan, his older woman. He also says Yu-chan a lot so he either has a bit on the side or is hanging out a lot with some of the boys - as can not decipher from just 'Yu' whether is boy or girl.

After logging off from the blogging last night got an email from sister in law to say they were coming over tomorrow (today) to visit grave and pray at alter. Her, hub's older brother (the oldest one - who should be living with Granny K), their daughter and her child - Granny K's great grandson.

Had to spend couple of hours this morning while Marina was napping cleaning the house. Tazmanian Devil Shou made quick work of nice clean house yesterday. Granny K polished the alter and put some flower arrangements on display and did nothing else - bar plonking humungous watermelon outside our lounge door. No 'would you mind cutting that up and putting it all in your fridge'. I had to spend entire morning eating contents of fridge so could fit three shelves of watermelon. God, give me a bottle of vodka and I may well be able to polish entire thing off tomorrow. Have obviously fogotten diluded thoughts of starting a diet blog.

brother and sister 'n' law arrive about two. They live two hours drive away but this was first 'long' road trip with the baby - nearly five months. It was a difficult journey. I took Shou back to New Zealand on own at six months so I am not very sympethetic to someone who thinks two hours in car is a hard deal. The baby seemed not too stressed at all by the time they arrived. Sister 'n' law brought loads of goodies with her - grapes, assortment of yummy breads, fruit jellies and cake. Gifts to keep me in favor I think - afterall am the wife of the third son and she is wife of eldest son - and therefore should be living with Granny K. Sister 'n' law and I actually get on very well and she sympethises with me - which is really only position she can take.If she started siding with Granny K she would soon find herself new owner of live in mother 'n' law complete with wardrobe of vests, mini skirts and boots - and possibly some random vegetables in varying stages of decay.

The vist was fun though and successfully kept me from thinking about dinner and my four o'clock English class. I had to kick them out of the tatami room at ten to four so I could quickly get the cushions out and find some flashcards and books. They left before the class finished so I guess I wont be seeing them for another six months or so.

Hub got home from work in record time - as is day to go and 'pick' ancestors up from grave. Shou, Marina and I got excused although Shou joined in in the festivities when they got back to the house 'with the spirit' and loaded it off into the gold plated family alter. Hope spirits weren't hungover because Shou gonged the gong senseless. Marina slept on.

Dinner was a major drama and Shou got big telling off from daddy. Did finally get all his tea in though and he even went off for a bath of own accord. Marina, who was still feeling effects of two helpings of baked beans yesterday was a busy girl loading up numerous nappies and was in desperate need of bath too.

Marina went down just after seven and Shou about half an hour later.

Oooh - nearly forgot major exciting news. Had a MINCE PIE for lunch.

Should I write that again.


and it was bloody fantastic. Got bit nostalgic for days when pies where the menu for a night on the lash. Three o'clock in the morning and happy hour is so far over you really need to get to bed - but absolutely must have mince pie or bag of twisties on way home. I guess is my Japanese equivelent of topping the night off with ramen - noodles.

Have just got text from sister in law - thanks for having us and sorry for leaving and not saying good bye. Please say thankyou to hub and granny K. Will do.

It is soooo hot tonight. no wind. Must get to bed where fan is - and maybe will even go all out and put the aircon on.



kasandora said...

I gave you a blog award today...You can swing by my weblog and pick it up if you like...

illahee said...

would you believe that obon sneaks up on me every year. yep. *sigh*

marianne said...

Love that girl's bizarre yet a real beauty!

Hope you manage another mince pie today;)