Thursday, 7 August 2008

Bring Back Granny K

As tj-inJapan commented, need a T-shirt that reads Bring Back Granny K. I could get her to personally sign one for you. Dearest T, J, K and R. With all my love, Granny K!!

She popped back briefly today to tell me that I needed to take Shou to the hospital. The kindy rang up and said he had a temperature of 38 degrees and a case of the shits. My god, call the ambulance, my son has the runs and a hot head. I rang hub to tell him that I was off to pick Shou up and therefore wouldn't be in to the town office to pick up the necessary forms for Marina's passport as planned. Could he please bring them home with him. He also asked if I was going to leave Marina with Granny K while I took Shou to see the doctor - because obviously I want to drive an hour each way to get five different types of medicine to stop a 'natsu kaze' summer cold - which it isn't even is. I nearly went off on a rant to Granny K about how Japanese people go to hospital far too much, but I just left it at 'so did you take your children to the hospital four days away on foot in the snow and rain when ever they shat their pants?' I got no response. (and for the record Shou didn't shit his pants - just his ultra absorbant nappy)

I asked Granny K to keep an eye on Marina while I went to get Shou. I went to get in the car but Granny K had gone back to her room, shut the door and started eating lunch. I know the timing wasn't great, but my idea of keeping an eye on a nine month old baby includes actually being in proximity so can 'keep eye on' them. She said yes when I askeed her - no problem. She didn't even keep the door open. Maybe she was just going to wait until Marina back arched out of her bouncer (has been done) and hit her big head on the light up dancing turtle or shapes and numbers plastic phone. I got on my high horse and told Granny K was taking Marina with me. We left. We drove. We conquered.

Got back with Shou and Granny K was waiting at the front door. Her words of wisdom, after telling my earlier that I should be taking him to the doctors, was 'Aah, Shou, sure you'll be fine after a good nap' She then did the big koochie koo under Marina's chin and said 'did mummy take you away in the car when you wanted to stay and play with Granny'

Unfortunately my NZ sav blanc hasn't arrived yet - or I may well have been forced to skull back a bottle and then hit Granny K over the head with the empty.

I have just finished my Junior HIgh kids thursday class. They are pretty good most of the time. I wanted to introduce the only English for the first forty minutes with them too but they aren't quite there yet. They do however have poker phrases down pat and if their parents agree I might take them on a tour of Vegas.

A couple of friends ended up popping in this morning - one uninvited - very not a Japanese thing to do so was pleasantly surprised. It was friend from yesterday - who came over with son before English. They came with huge bag of grapes. Yum yum, which Shou has now had about a hundred of which will no doubt mean a grape overdose induced case of the runs tomorrow - followed by a phone call from the kindy. We have made a mummies date to go for lunch on Monday or Tuesday - to the 'World Buffet' in the next town over. This will be interesting. I will try and remember to take a photo. I bet the owners will shit themselves when they see a 'world' person coming in. Quick, hide the miso soup and bring out the thai green curry and Mongolian yak dish.

A different friend came over this arvo briefly - to pick up her share of my recent order from FBC - foreign buyers club. I now have a kilo of Australian cheese in the fridge - which cost me half an arm but will be worth it - espeically if some of its melted over the baked beans I got too. I could have as second course to meat pie!! - which by the way cost me 400 yen. I also got some weetbix so that Shou can get used to a Kiwi breakfast - weetbix and vegemite on toast. I also got some English class books and some fab stickers to bribe students with.

This same friend suggested we go to 'real' curry place in the hills about half an hour away. It used to sell egg sandwhiches and be a place where you could practice organic vegetable growing and pottery. Somewhere a long the way they have kidnapped a real indian chef and changed the menu to chicken korma. Very very interesting.

Right, off to bed. Shou had me up from four this morning - and I thought I would get to nap this afternoon but Shou and Marina only crossed over nap times for an hour - and that was right when 'Cold Case' was on TV and I ruled that my English drama time was more important than nap time.



kasandora said...

hehehehe...I wanna know how the trip to the world buffet goes. I find those *world places* are never quite as worldly as they let on...and I am sure it's even worse in the country side!

Hope Shou doesn't get the grape induced geddy...

tj-injapan said...

omg, I didn't mean to curse you!!
Sending mixed dozen of Aussie wines as sincere apology your way soon......

by the way, when should I expect my signed t-shirt? If it hasn't been ordered yet, can I ask to get the comment 'so did you take your children to the hospital four days away on foot in the snow and rain when ever they shat their pants?' on the back, pretty please??

illahee said...

i would totally buy a bring back granny k t-shirt. especially with the the second phrase on the back! although, i think she's an obnoxious bitch. grr.

Corrina said...

FBC has weetbix and baked beans?? yum! If only they had marmite! not a vegemite gal.
Also do share where you get the nz wine!! Is it an overseas site? I don't live with the inlaws but I'm always on the lookout for recommendations =)

Love your blog!

Kiwi in Kagoshima

gaijin wife said...

Corrina - FBC have marmite too - although not the marmite in NZ. Think might be British. The baked beans aren't watties either but just as good. I get my wine from Pacific Wine Cellers - who sell through

The site has over 1000 NZ wines and loads more from Australia. My next hoard should be arriving today. In time to have a glass this evening and reflect on the week after the kids are in bed and while hub is out throwing back beers at office shin dig / yakiniku / kareoke bonanza.

Corrina said...

Thanks I'll check it out.
Would be lovely to have a bottle for our anniversary next month!