Sunday, 31 August 2008

Brad & George

Just watching a bit of Brad & George - Oceans 13. Think have seen it before, but still bit of good entertainment in English - with Japanese sub titles. That hub is reading while he irons his work shirts for the week.

Earlier they showed a re-run of the third round US tennis open match between Ferre and Nishikori. Bloody great. Ferre not a happy chappy - but then he was the number four seed and Nishikori is 130 something!!

I went to the weeding bonanza at the kindy this morning. My first duty was helping to fill the sandpit with new sand. I then went on to prune branches, weed, and pick up stones from the play area. Have come to conclusion that when it comes to group work - vestlings take the top prize in efficiency, although sometimes it is hard to tell what they are doing because they kind of move in a swarm of dust and cloud. Woman are the next efficient - not wanting to look bad in front of the other mothers. I can rake more sand in thirty seconds than you can!! And fathers are the worst. I am muscle, rah rah. chainsaw a bit of hedge, stop and admire, pick up a rake, rake three times, lean on rake and grunt seven words to man leaning on rake next to him.

Got home to find hub and shou playing war with water guns in the garden. Shou was absolutely saturated and I was laughing too hard to remember to get the camera. After Marina woke up from her nap we loaded the car up and headed for the airport to watch the planes. Shou had a quick power nap in the car ... and had such a bad sleep face I felt compelled to capture it and share it with you all.

The planes were a big hit and we stayed for two taking off and one landing. Was highly exciting.

Thought Marina bet get some photo coverage too. She is so close to crawling.



Lulu said...

How far is the airport from your place? My dad used to take us to the trainstation to watch trains sometimes when we were younger- I seem to remember watching a fair few planes take off too but think that was more when the kiwi relatives were coming over (Dad is Australian, Mum is a Kiwi- Shun pointed out that makes me half?! Although I have never really thought about it!)

How do you get hubby to iron his own shirts? Not that I iron Shun`s but he doesn`t iron them either.

Cute photos- will have to see a video of Marina once she learns to crawl. Won`t be long now- I suppose the good thing is the house is probably already baby proof because of Shou!

gaijin wife said...

House is fairly baby pooofed but Shou didn't have a big thing about the kitchen so if Marina is into trying to hawel everything out of the cupboards I will need to deal to those. The best room to baby proof is Granny K's.

I used to be on ironing duties but complained so much hub started doing them for the peace and quiet!!

illahee said...

they are cute! i have a similar pic of sasha sacked out at the hospital. they gave her something to make her sleep for her ultrasound. too cute!

Nay said...

We had so many water fights I can't remember them all when we were younger!!! They were always so much fun.

Can't wait to see movies of Marina crawling - she is gorgeous!!

Oh, and a big 'otsukaresama' to you for the weeding at kindy!! I couldn't imagine ever having to do something like that here in Oz, but I hear it's quite common in Japan for everyone to chip in and help out! Your description of the dads made me laugh -typical men I see!!