Friday, 1 August 2008

August Finally

The 1st of August. This month Marina has her operation. We have known she would probably need one since before she was born. It is scary but a 'relief' that we are nearly there and that this time next month, while she still may be strapped to a bed so she can't move, the operation itself will at least be over.

She has been in top form lately - and long may it last. We aren't taking her to the festival tomorrow though as not liking the big crowds of coughing, spitting grannies and grandads that will no doubt gather for the wannabe Japanese enka singer who is performing - her 15 minutes of fame. We need to keep Marina in tip top condition this month so she is in her best fighting sprit for the operation. You know you have been in Japan too long when you come out with shite like 'fighting spirit'.

Hub is at this moment putting Shou to bed. His face is looking a bit better after yesterday's concrete meet shou. Shou meet concrete episode.

Hub was meant to be selling yakitori (chicken skewers) tomorrow night at the festival but his group of lads have decided it isn't lucritive enough anymore so they aren't doing it this year. This means hub wont have to leave at lunch time to go and spend five hours getting the coal BBQ to penultimate coal burning status. This in turn means I may be able to pursuade him to go to the revolving sushi with Marina and I. Yum Yum. He of course may well choose to sleep instead. As long as we are home by three in the afternoon - when hub has to go to the local firemans hut because one of the parts on the fire engine is getting replaced and...

how many volunteer firemen does it take to supervise a fully trained mechanic replacing a bit of engine????

as many as the number of cold cans of beer that is obviously necessary to successfully supervise such things.

I managed to get through the day with only having a couple of conversations with Granny K. The first was when the home grocerry delivery man arrived with this week's stuff. Granny K had ordered bread!!!! If you are in the know about seventy year old Japanese women you would know that this is obviously a sign of dimentia. Bread??? Why would you order bread when you can have home grown rice with rice bugs and mice shit in it? So anyway, there I am in the kitchen trying to remember why I had ordered two different types of bread when granny K comes in and says one is hers. I don't think she even has any marge or butter. I wonder if I should offer the vegemite! Maybe this is an attempt to get to better understand thy foreign yomesan (daughter in law).

Have just had terrible thought. What if Granny K blogs too - under the name of gaijin yomesan!! She could be at this very moment trashing me for the whole world to read about. But then again, where would she stash a computer. Her room is chocka full of vests in assorting sizes and colors, funny smelly creams which never seem to get used, rotting bits of vege and stashes and stashes of home order cateloges. She is also obviously technologically retarded as appears still hasn't figured out how to use vaccuum cleaner. She even leaves the door of her microwave oven open - apparantely it saves power!!

Well, I have a long line of meat pies, cheese, baked beans and the like to order off FBC - the foreign foods store in Tokyo.



Lulu said...

I hope the month of August goes well (and causes little stress!) and that little Marina`s operation goes well!!!

I love granny K, but like I have said before I am not sure how I would go living wither her. maybe she is on Mixi!?! hehe! You should do a search!

Enjoy the festival!!!

kasandora said...

Wow...Granny K antics never cease to amuse me...especially the bits about old batteries and the mail order catalogues.

gaijin wife said...

Think Granny K could well become a cyberstar if she decided to start bloging. Off to search Mixi. God, and if she was blogging it would be in Japanese which would mean whole town would know what bitch I am. At least I have decency (sp??) to write in foreign language.

Vicky said...

Good luck with this month's operation - do you have a date fixed yet?

It will be a great relief for you all to have got this particular August done with and get into September, eh?

Granny amuses and horrifies me as I can see echoes of my own MIL there.

Like the time she tried to give my five month old baby very strong adult cold medicine mixed up in water because I wouldn't take him to the doctors for a sniffle. Luckily she was caught and though I didn't actually yell because my knees were shaking so badly at what I'd just stopped her from doing my husband and FIL did absolutely put her through the wringer. What was worse was that they were staying at my mum and dad's house at the time and it was my father who had alerted me to her suspicious behaviour so the atmosphere for the rest of the stay was frosty to say the least.

My husband was livid because she could have killed the baby (confirmed when I showed a doctor friend back in Japan) and FIL was livid because she had abused the hospitalility of my parents.

I have never voluntarily allowed either of my kids to be with her unsupervised since that day, though she's had them when I've been in hospital etc because there was simply nowhere else to leave them.

I am now in the position of not being able to go to England to say goodbye to my grandmother and my aunt, both very sick with cancer, because my husband works away from home and I simply dare not leave my kids with her for a week. (Older kid has dangerous allergies and has had anaphylaxis four times but MIL insists that if she just gives him a bit of the bad food it will build him up....)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA "apparently it saves power" I swear I laugh everytime I read your blog!