Tuesday, 19 August 2008

In the name of International Relations!!

Am just watching Olympic trampoline. WOW!! I did trampoline and springboard diving all through high school so I know my twists and somersaults but these guys do double this and tripple that on EVERY move. Am quite pleased Japan has people in finals for both events cause I have been able to procrastinate from vaccuuming and hanging out washing just about all day. Ooh, Japanese boy is on. A bit skinny but nice spikey hair.

Must watch...

Bloody good job!!

Just waiting for marks...

Currently second. Bloody judges. Don't know a good twisting double backward somersault when it hits them in the face. Oooh, I take that back. Ukraine guy was fantastic. Has wings I think. Ooooh, trampoline scandel. Yuri from the Ukraine is only thrid. Jap guy better.

Will stop running Olympic commentary now.


Shou and I made it back from the drumming fine. We went in the car - a la hub's advice that might fall into river. Good advice. Shou was nearly past it before we even left but I had been working the whole drumming thing up all day so had to take him. Got there and Shou ended spending forty minutes running round with Shin-chan - a four year old boy from his kindy. He did EVERYTHING Shin-chan did - and Shin-chan is a bloody madman. Running here, there and everywhere. Shou only wiped out once though and even got a bit testy with Shin when Shin tried to stop him from doing something he didn't like. Was interesting watching the dynamics of it all. The other forty people there were all keeping an eye out for the little ones so I managed to dance a few rounds - yes, would you believe the foreigner knows the local moves and am getting so good now that some of locals who have forgotten the moves copy me!! Christ, you know you've been in Japan too long when that happens.

Interlude - Japanese boy came in forth with the two super winged Chinese guys ahead of him.

So, here is pic of hub drumming away.

About forty people came - big turnout.

He has just this second walked in the door - and would like to know if I would like to join him in the shower...

and in the name of international relations I probably should




Sara said...

I enjoyed your commentary!!! Wow.. sorry but I'm super impressed you were a diver/trampoline gymnist. I've always thought if I could re-do my life over I would have loved to be a diver. Amazing!!

Nay said...

Just letting you know that I chose your blog to do a memo that Illahee tagged me to do!

And wow... a trampoline gymnist - thats amazing!! I love watching any type of gymnastics in the Olympics!