Friday, 25 July 2008

Umeeee (yum yum)

Have just raided last year's umeshu (plum wine) stash from under the stairs - coolest place in house. The plum I just had could possibly be stronger than about ten tequila worms. Will do the gagging for water test in the morning. Will be highly impressed if one glass of my homemade umeshu can throw me more than last Friday's efforts though.

Hub is working late tonight. The kids went to bed with little fuss so I...

have been left to my own devices.

Unfortunately, a glass of homemade umeshu is about as left to my own devices as I can do, what with the lack of wine, cheese and crackers, chick flicks, or ...

So in daily news, the photo shop rang to say they had developed the photos - and they were just lovely - but that they were about one mm out of passport photo specifications and so she was going to re-do them and they would be ready on Monday. None of this sit and wait passport photo stuff for Kunimi. No Siree. Unless you want to sit and wait for three days. I think she was hoping I would say 'sesh, a mm. don't worry about it'. But I have had passport applications sent back before because the photo wasn't spot on. Will probably take next couple of days to copy PDF application form from hub's computer to my computer and then print out anyway. God, you would almost think I was technologically stuck in the 90s. Early 90s. Minus the scrunchies.

I thought our four year old talking metalic fridge was going to pack a sad this morning. The side of it got really hot. Not like burnies hot, but more like menopausal (sp??) middle aged woman hot flush hot. By the time I got round to thinking about getting the warrent out and having a look it had cooled down again! Yay for that.

Rang another travel agent this morning. Lady sounded a lot more helpful than silly tart yesterday. Fingers crossed is all go.

Oooh, Hub just home. Boss asked him at four oclock this afternoon to do something he (boss) needed by monday. Not even hubs area. Not happy chappy. But within five minutes of walking in door thy lovely wife had thy lovely dinner on thy table and thy lovely beer in thy lovely menopausal fridge cooling!! He is, as I type, badmouthing thy boss!! Breath in.... breath out... breath in..... breath out....

Is almost over I think...

As talented multitasking woman I can type blog and be sympethetic wife (in Japanese) at the same time.

He just said (and I quote word for word)

I should change the teeth before I have a beer and bath


As a talented multitasking woman I can put this piece of the puzzle together becuase I know that thirty seconds after walking in the door he was reminding himself and me that he had to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to do weed-eating (cutting grass) for the local 'town revitalizing' group. The teeth - same word for blade - as in the blade on the weed-eater. We have soft plastic lawn cutting blade on and he needs to change to heavy duty cut all the crap out of the river blade. May in turn sound confusing that he has to weed-eat the river - but is really just overgrown creek. Once a year they slash and burn the crap out of it so the water flows like beer on a pub crawl into the paddie fields to feed the rice.

About the 'town revitalizing' ....

start small...

that must be Kunimi's moto.

For me, town revitalizing would involve building a starbucs and at least a ten metre stretch of road where I could go and flash my boobs for pocket money to pay for the tickets home. Although, come to think of it, the old men in the local 'snack' whiskey joints may be partial to the odd boob flashing for a one coin donation :p. And if that didn't work the man from the license lecture might be partial...

Ooh, hub has finished changing his teeth.

Should I get beer out and pour into pretty glasses and pretend are civilised couple?


Skull straight from the can and trash the boss.


Half an hour later - HUB poured beer into pretty glasses and together we bad mouthed the boss!! Although I, in mad person like gesture panic about stupid boss, knocked over my glass. Led to trip (futari de)to shower off spilt beer :-). Think boss has been forgiven!


tj-injapan said...

was that the ume talking? this post was fluffin'* hilarious! I was even trying to envisage hub's face as he changes his teeth (thinking that he hid it well - I never knew!)lol.

have a great weekend

*I have taken a vow of non-swearing after J got up me for asking where the, ahem, "fluffin'" tissues were as I was trying to put K to sleep. must try not to swear around the littlies or tissues.

fwiw, I had a cranberry and lemonade chu-hai tonight with dinner. how yummy does that sound?! and you know what, it TASTES yummy too.

p.s. thanks for the bento photos. They are printed out and in J's bento bag for monday (hehe)

Sara said...

Umeeeeeee shuuuuuuu!!

Proceeds to sing the song to that very annoying umeshu commercial. "umeshu ga suki... blah blah blah"

Have a nice friday niiiiight!

gaijin wife said...

sarari toshita u-me-shu...
Is what I end up singing.

think post was ume-shu induced somewhat. I will be on look out for cranberry and lemonade chuhai. That sounds yummy. and aren't cranberries like, well, really good for you?? Surely that cancels out fat calories from alcohol.