Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Two days in a row!!

I had English this arvo - had to have a go (as in 'sit on your cushion right now or there will be no sparkly car sticker for you young boy type thing) at one of the six year olds who had a go at me and my boobies. I don't teach my English classes in a bikini top (probably illegal in Kunimi)but will definately be wearing turtle necks from next week - in thirty plus degree heat could well help weight loss cause!!

Had another class this evening - I doubt they learn anything anymore. They used to but now they are bolshy thirteen year olds and coming here for English is chance to play up and be silly bastards. They are getting better at English Poker though :p Don't worry, I don't dish out green visors and cigars. Is only the last ten minutes of an hour long class.

Hub was alright-ish today. He did say he thought coming home and being at home was no fun at all. A few years ago we had the same argument - or rather he said the same thing and I reacted completely differently. Last time I was on the phone sobbing to mum, wondering where I was going to find a job when I moved back to NZ rah rah... Now....

Bloody men.

All me me me me me.

Sorry hun, but two kids come before you, and even though you are helping, sometimes it really is just causing more shite to deal with.

Now I know - or rather, I tell myself every day - that these hard years when the kids are little - thy should forgive stupid comments and nonsense bullshit fights with thy husband. If they keep going on after kids at school then things can get serious.

Right now though - hub is still the very bestest father of they kiddlies and on nine days out of ten I still think he passes good hubby standards.

I should probably head to thy marital bed...

I might even get lucky!!



Sara said...

I find that getting lucky always helps things for a few hours... er days...


gaijin wife said...

Must have helped a bit - I even got a kiss on the way out the door this morning. Ooooohhh. Someone could even mistake us for happy lovey couple!!

Long may it last : )