Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Hub has just finished a plate of pasta and salad. Wonder if he will plonk dishes in sink or wash them... I even wasted a glass of Kim Crawford Merlot on him. Don't know why really. He has been pushing all the wrong buttons since he walked in the door tonight :(

He emailed at 5:19 to say that he was going to get his haircut - ie; not at home for the dinner and bed routine. It usually only takes an hour though if you have booked - which he said he had (sly check of cell phone later revealed he had rung hairdressers at 5:17). So, I did the dinner thing and was quite succesful in getting two empty plates. Come half six and hub isn't home...

Has just carried dishes to sink.

... so, me and the kids jump in the bath as easily as you can jump into the bath with a two and a half year old - while holding a slippery eight month old. All fun and games though. We draw on the wall a bit with bath pens - well, mummy draws snakes and busses on demand. I imagine that Granny K is in there now washing the walls down - as I didn't get chance to wipe them down while gracefully jumping back out of bath...

I can see some bubbles in the sink. Looking promising.

... two kids bathed and dressed and hub still not home - I mean what is he doing - getting extensions put in for christ sake. His hair is short anyway and he said he was just going to get the tops and sides trimmed. Nice. Leave a nice mullet at the back then aye!!

Seven pm and Marina gagging for bottle and bed so thats where she goes. Half past seven and hub pulls up.

Me: that took a while. Did you spend an hour at pachinko on your way (nasty - but pissed off and tired after long day - something hub thinks impossible for stay at home mum)
Hub: loads of people. grunt. fart.
Me: I thought you booked.
Hub: did.
Shou: pee paw pee paw pee paw (said while looking at book about emergency vehicles)
Me: mmm, there's a police car, and look, a fire engine too. So, could you not have got your hair cut on Saturday morning when Shou is at kindy and well, there is usually a bit more peace in the house? Or did you JUST HAVE TO cut your hair before your drinking thing on Friday? Who are you trying to impress? (nasty - but pissed off and tired.... usual drill)

.... ooohh, dishes all done - several brownie points as done without any 'hey look at me, I am man and I am standing in kitchen washing plates, grunt. fart'

Anyway, after small 'discussion' on haridressers and how nice it would be to spend two hours at one - especially as he confessed a whole hours was spent just waiting and chatting with everyone else and flicking through mags. I don't even know what 'flicking through mags' is anymore, let alone talking with 'everyone else' - I sit down at computer to start translation that needs to be in by tomorrow morning. What do you know and the bloody fire siren blares out - speaker five meters from our back door. Shou is in fire siren heaven. Hub looks almost pleased at having excuse to get out of bedtime duties. Goes upstairs to change and then spends five minutes looking for his hat - which he can't find and starts to accuse me of doing something with (hmmm, boiled it with the rabbit darling). Notice it on top of pile of stuff he has hurled out of hall cupboard. Daddy tells Shou he is off to fight big dangerous fire (a house on fire), mummy tells Shou daddy is so courageous that he had to spend ten minutes looking for his fire hat (is cap not helmet so not going to save new haircut or big head from anything) instead of racing to scene of fire to help save life!!

Ten minutes later and he is back - fire put out before he even got there. Oh well, at least he had his hat.

Shou was still up so daddy did end up doing the bed routine - even if it was with a few 'come on shou, mummy is very busy with work' comments on way up stairs.

Enough already. Not getting divorce papers over that kind of shite - although it really winds me up.

In other news. Shou was back at kindy today which was just as well as had four loads of washing to do after weekend of two kids with temperatures - on top of two washes a day every other day anyway. Need bigger washing machine.

Had English at the primary school today. Went well considering held in third floor classroom in 33 degree heat. Was going to try and get organized for my Wed and Thursday english classes but really think bath and bed are more important at this stage. Will just have to wing it as per usual. God, I would be mortified if one of the parents suddenly said they wanted to stay and observe a class.




Lulu said...

I hope you got a good sleep!!!

It sounds silly, but things are always better after a good night sleep!

Glad to hear that the kids are better now-

My partner takes 4-5 hours at the hairdresser and it drives me insane because I don`t even take that long!

gaijin wife said...

Thanks Lulu

I didn't get the good night sleep - still thinking that might be a year off yet - by which time I may well be pregnant again and good sleeps will be postponed for further two years!! I did get an extremely good power nap though!!

What exactly does your partner have done at the hairdressers? Fantastic length of time taken. Would drive me insane too :p

Sara said...

Wow! Sounds like you had quite a night!!

Actually since I'm starting to get into freelance translation as well as thinking about babies I'm curious to know how you pull it off!!

Has it been really difficult to keep up working since they are both so little?

I have this weird feeling that in about 3-4 years time my life is going to read quite a bit like yours is tonight...

And what is with men and the "beauty parlor" here. Mine INSISTS on over an hour long train ride to his favorite place when we have so many to choose from ranging from 5mins - 20 mins away from our house.

*shrug* men