Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Rolling with the hommies

DJ Ozuma for those in the know on one hit wonders in Japan - 'Bounce with me bounce with me!!' One of mummies multitudes of cheap oversized sunglasses. All the better for bouncing with on the couch and bending the frame!

On the way home from kindy today - on the bike - I stopped beside the river to show him GE sized frog trying to disguise self as disgusting slimy rock. Very talented frog as Shou didn't really know what I was pointing at until it jumped (about a meter) in the air and into the water. Christ almighty I just about fell off the bike -which would have resulted in myself, said bike and said son, in river. Shou said goodbye to the froggie saying 'kaeru baibai, mata kuru ne' - equivilent to see ya froggy, I'll come back and see you. Was extremely cute - cutedar was almost maxed out - but went into red at dinner time - as per usual. Maki was at voluntary firebrigade (they meet on the fist of each month to do stuff like make sure the battery on the fire truck isn't flat), so I was sitting on the mat with my dinner in front of me on the floor, Shou sitting beside me at his little kids table trying to distract me with anything and everything, and Marina in her bouncer beside me rocking with her mouth open like a hungry underfed chick. Short of regurjitating (??) my dinner for her I tried my best to get all the pumpkin and spud mash into her mouth - very difficult when baby has figured out the physics behind how the bouncer works.

Solar Panel Man's wife and son came over to play this arvo - really was so we could figure out how much she owed my credit card from our Victoria Secret spending fest about three months ago. Hmmmm, forgot about that. Seemed so innocent at the time. We ended up with no underwear, sexy italian bras and panties, or teddies and instead got jeans and yoga pants, four inch heal espidrills and the like to the song of four hundred dollars. Shite, just about swallowed my own tongue trying to type that out. Luckily it was mostly hers so I make nice little three hundred dollar profit - profit in that my overseas bank account credit card paid for it a month or two ago so technically I have forgotten and am seeing as getting nice little windfall of cash. Her and hubby are coming round for BBQ on Saturday.

I was going to be good and do a couple of forty hour famines back to back before then but her mother in law came back from France yesterday and we inherited a nice wee box of French truffles. Am surprised I haven't thrown up yet. Will have to run marathon or two in dream.



Anonymous said...

hi again. =D
wow i've been busy studying for exams...so i havent had time to read your blog. you actually post a blog everyday...thats pretty amazing. i really like reading your blog. =D ah...also thats a really really cute picture of your kid =D

gaijin wife said...

Good luck for your exams! Hope they went well. I don't get around to writing everyday. I get on a roll and write three or four days in a row and then something happens - big translation or baby with temperature and I get out of the loop for a while. I enjoy writing it when I can though. Thanks.

Ruth said...

He looks so cute in those glasses and I loved what he said to the frog!! (You better be careful he'll want one of them instead of a crab next)