Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Osakan Sun

I had all good intentions of blogging last night but got engrossed in a book called 'Under the Osakan Sun' - a tale of three years on the JET Program in a small-ish town in Osaka. Written by a New Zealand bloke called Hamish Beaton. Have just finished it now. Was highly entertaining and brought back memories of my three years here on JET. The english teaching, organizing tea-parties for two year olds, the mad drinking episodes, although I failed to keep up the New Zealand end of things by not throwing up on myself or anyone else. Kunimi also doesn't have a train that I could have fallen asleep on and woken up two hours later at the last stop two prefectures away.

Shou and I had a run in yesterday morning because he wanted to wear his newly washed and just hung out to dry emergency vehichles T-shirt to kindy. ALL of his other T-shirts have an assortment of cars, trains and emergency or construction vehicles on them but they didn't cut the mustard. Thirty minutes of non-stop crying - mostly spent in his room. Hub decided I should blowdry the T-shirt and just let him wear it (sigh), give in to the two year old, which I might add I didn't. He went to kindy in his digger and concrete mixer top. Granny K came in to the lounge in the early stages of things (shou had only been nutting out for ten minutes and I was just about to take him to his room because he was disrupting Marina feeding time and Marina and I were ending up with more breakfast on our persons than in her mouth). Granny K starts doing the seventy year old cackle laugh and telling Shou that its all right he could come and play in her room.

Steam coming out ears.

I tell her to bugger off and go back to her room and lock the door. I know I know, don't sweat the small stuff and all that....

Granny K told Hub she needed to be driven to the hospital - ten minutes before she wanted to leave. Hub asked me and I refused and said that it was his mother and he could bloody well take her. Had wicked thoughts of ringing up doctor and asking to substitute Osteoperosis (sp??) meddy for arsnic.

Marina and I took Shou to kindy. When we arrived he promptly forgot about the person who pushed him into the world and was far more intrigued with the lizard and grasshopers the other kids were trying to catch.

Marina came home and went straight to bed and I did half an hour of step your way to a fabulous new you workout. Didn't go out at all. Did spend an hour or so on computer trying to sort out tickets home. Travel agent came back with all Seoul to Auckland flights are fully booked. Korean Air would end up being about seven thousand dollars as opposed to Air New Zealand's nine. We usually end up getting the waiting list tickets but for some reason I really want it sorted out properly this time - in advance so I don't have to be stressing up until two weeks before we go. There is a lot more to do this time - booking domestic flights, renting a car, renting car-seats and pushchairs rah rah. If agent can't find flights with empty seats then we will just pay the extra I guess. We won't be going home for another two years at least anyway - and definately no mini breaks planned for next year. Unless it involves a trip via a home to drop Granny K off.

You know those days when you question why you decided to live in a foreign country?? Yesterday must have been one of those days. I rang mum this morning but should have forwarned her what kind of mood was in and that I needed a 'oh darling, it's OK, everything will work out,we can't wait to see you .....' phone call. I think homesick moments are when you expect more from your family and therefore should refrain from calling them because they are never going to say exactly what you want them to.

Anyway, enough of a vent. I better put a bow in my hair and put on some lippy and rouge. A friend is coming shortly but am totally prepared - house is tidy, two loads of washing are done, brownies are cooling on the bench that has been shined to within an inch of its life, and refreshing lime juice cooling in fridge.

Right, green or yellow bow...


kasandora said...

I definitely have the occasional 'I hate Japan' day....must be even harder with 2 babes...

Anonymous said...

Hey my friend Kas over at "its a sunny day in Fuchu" told me about your blog and I love it! I laughed my ass off about the arsenic, and I totally understand what you mean about wanting your family to say the right thing, and ending up disapointed. Hence the the reason why I don't ever call my mother when I'm feeling down.