Sunday, 13 July 2008


Ombu means 'to be held' in Japanese. Tis what Shou has been saying to me ALL DAY. Marina woke up this morning a box of fluffies but Shou woke up with 41 degree temp. Yippy Yi Yay. I guess at least we finished with one before the other one got it.

Marina was a model younger sister of brother with temperature all day today. She didn't fuss at all and seemed quite content to see how high she could bounce herself in her bouncer and watch Bob the Builder and Cars on back to back repeat - not through any choice of her own. Shou was going between 'ombu' and 'Bob' and 'McQueen'. I feel like I have had lesson in swahili or outer mongolian - obviously not reserved for middle of the night babble but also for very sick two year olds. But by end of day I feel quite confident at being able to decipher anything from lift me up mummy, bob I want bob, no juice no juice, yes juice yes juice (said two seconds after no juice), mama isshoni neyo (mummy, lets nap together) right through to 'hebi, papa shite, kawaiso' (snake, daddy did it, poor thing) - obviously high fever induced hillucination of seeing snake being chased by daddy with a garden rake. Was quite proud of self for guessing that one right first time round.

So anyway, come seven pm and Shou's temperature hasn't gone down at all - the bum bullets worked for about two hours - during which he was 're-born' and trying to run round and do everything he had been thinking about doing but been too knocked back for six to be doing. We took him to docs - same doc that saw Marina yesterday. She must have the weekend shift. Bummer. Anyway she confirmed that same throat infection / temperature that Marina had. She gave us a few more bullets and some meddy for his throat.

Shou just woken up - hub gone up to try and settle him but me thinks there might be a 'mummy ombu' coming soon.

Best go and see to the poor wee thing.



marianne said...

Came over from MIJ and your link there.Love your blog and am a Kyushu neighbour living in Amakusa(inaka),Kumamoto.Hope all the sickness and fevers in the family soon go away.Hooray for bum-bullets ;)

gaijin wife said...

Thanks Marianne. You've been in Japan a while too so I imagine you must have an abundance of let me go home or shoot me now 'inaka' stories too!! Hope you don't have to share any of the immediate vacinity with your MIL :) All the family are back on track today - Shou back at kindy. Yay yay!!

marianne said...

Live with my MIL?Good god no.We would kill each other.You deserve a medal or three.