Monday, 7 July 2008

Just Quickly

Things not as bad in Aramaki house as yesterday's post may have led you to believe. Children didn't wake too much during night. Once for Marina - shove pre-made bottle in mouth and hit glow worm's tummy. Shou didn't wake up AT ALL until 5:12am.

After yesterday's smacking episode - and hub saying that doing the early 5am shift when he is tired (wo is me) is really hard and, among other things, I ended up saying that if he was going to get pissed off and smack Shou then I would do the 5am shift. So, convinced shou to play quietly in room (bout as difficult as imagine trying to convince Granny K to eat lamb chops and sing christmas carols would be) until just before 6 - when Marina decided to wake up. The three of us go downstairs for very peaceful breakfast and play session. Hub comes down stairs happy at 7am - whether from uninterrupted sleep for first time in ages or dreaming about sexy boob babe with legs up to armpits not sure. Who cares really.

Hub was late tonight but both kids went down fine and I even had mad never experienced before 'god, I love my life' miracle moment on deck this evening - Marina was in her walker thing chomping on one of Shou's toy car digger's, holding a nissan fairlady Z in the other hand and giving it a good bashing. Shou was having great time watching some absolutely disgusting Japanese insect with freakishly long antenni (you know - those things that stick out of the head). The Cayote Ugly soundtrack was rumbling in the background - getcha getcha getcha getcha one way or another ...

mummy had glass of New Zealand sav(need to make point of this in case anyone has forgotten, live in middle of fricken nowhere in rural Japan so a NZ sav comes at a price)in hand.

Granny K was down at the rice paddy (ie; not in the vacinity). MY GOD, Shou and I even danced round the deck a bit - he thinking mum crazy, mum thinking son very cute.

Shou just woke up - 10:45pm. Went up to give him some water. This was total sum of converstation.

Shou... waaaaaaa
Mum... Shhhhh darling. Do you want some water?
Shou... pu pu (broom broom - as in car noise not thing sweep yard with)
Mum... (digs round for nissan fair lady Z (has survied Marina bashing) in sheets.) Here it is.
Shou... slhfawytaurpprjajf (swahili?? outer mongolian perhaps???)
Mum... Mmmmmm (really no other response) shhhhh, na night.
Shou... snore snore.
Mum... creap out of bed
floor... creak creak
Shou... mamma mamma
Mum... (whips back to bed in record spead - pats Shou on back) shhhh, shhhh, shhh.
Shou... snore snore.
Mum... (miraculously misses ALL creaky floorboards on way to door)
floor... (under breath - if she wasn't such a damn lardass I wouldn't have to creak under weight. Lucky for both of us CORE RYTHEM Dvds are on their way from amazon - unless silly cow just stashes them away under the stairs along with Billy's boot camp... bloody women)

End of interlude.

What was I saying? Oh yes, was having wonderful moment on deck. The world was good, life was as it should be - until granny K came back from paddy and told Shou off (indirectly telling me off) for running round outisde in barefeet. My god, the disgrace of it.

Hub has right this second reprimanded me for having one week past its best by date yoghurt in the fridge. Understandable - I am forever buying things and not using them all up. Is the way he tells me though - as if am five year old who needs extremely clear instructions. My response - if its past its best by date then can you not just biff it in the bin please. No.... will put back in fridge so I have to biff it out - and therefore be reminded of wastage. Hmmmmmm. Don't consider as wastage really as half of container helped in production of most spectacular train cake for Shou's birthday. Not my fault crap inaka (rural / backward / middle of now where) supermarket doesn't sell small size.

Oooh - in other news, had big ass hebi (snake) in backyard this morning. Fell quite ladylike (??) off wall and then packed big spazz because hub chased it with garden rake, before slithering into drain. Shou was enthralled and I doubt the kindy teachers got a word in edge wise all day today!!

AND.. Hub pulled the big 'no more children' card tonight - thinks he will have to do too much if have another baby. He then flicked TV chanel to the K1 boxing. I said I wouldn't be able to forgive Shou if he ever wanted to be boxer - Hub said similar, and besides doesn't matter as Shou will be soccer player or baseball player anyway. No time for boxing. If not soccer or baseball then next best thing is Gov. employee. Sure way to keep children from being able to spread wings. Voiced opinion as such. He said both Shou and Marina never allowed to leave Japan cause too sad for him. Which then prompted hub to say 'maybe should have another child - so then he/she can be the free spirited, leave the nest, greener pastures child'




really no other response to comment like that - apart from 'what a stupid bloody thing to say'

nighty night.

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Sara said...

If not soccer or baseball then next best thing is Gov. employee. Sure way to keep children from being able to spread wings.

I am so never leaving Japan... *sigh*

Talking about having children comes up a lot with us. So far we've both agreed on 3... we'll see how that holds up though when in a year or two from now I'm up with a colic-y baby lol