Thursday, 24 July 2008

Gold Baby Gold!!

Got my new licence on Tuesday and it appears that my recent run in with the speed camera and very efficient payment of hefty fine have gone under the radar of the licence people, in particular the silly young woman on reception - who when I turned up for the hour long lecture that is compulsory when you change your licence, told me...

Silly woman: You have brought your baby with you haven't you?
Me: (Stupid tart - I have baby on hip so is pretty fricken obvious havn't brought pet poodle.)
Silly woman: If your baby starts to cry or make a fuss you will need to leave the room and come back another day to take the lecture.
Me: ...

No thoughts even for that. The nice man taking the lecture took me aside at the back of the room to tell my boobs that he didn't mind if Marina got a little excited.

Fortunately Marina was angelic - enough so for silly woman to make comment at end of lecture about how cute my baby was. I just smiled as was still in state of shock from getting gold licence.

The hub has put on a bit of pork lately - which is in part due to ordering his lunch every day. I went back to making his lunch this week. And, I was about to add a pic here but I have lost my add a picture link at the top of this page. Bummer. Piece of shite technology that calls itself Hub's computer.

Friday - hub's computer having a good day.

Speaking of which I had chance to do a translation this weekend that would have netted me about a thousand dollars. It was a first in first serve thing and I spent an hour trying to download the bloody PDF file and when that didn't work saving it straight onto my memory stick to open on my reliable (but not internet connected) Mac. What a huuha. Still didn't get it sorted which I guess is good as if I had got the job I would have been a mess for our fireworks extraveganza mini break in Beppu on Sunday night.

Rang travel agent yesterday to start the ticket process. The lady I usually use has retired and (another) silly tart spoke to me. She wasn't unfriendly, she just didn't go out of her way to be very helpful, basically telling me that everything on Korean Air was on a waiting list already (despite the ticket prices and schedules not coming out till October!!), so did I want to try another airline too? Which I don't really as can't afford Air NZ or Singapore and have done the route through Seoul so many times that don't want to do a completely new one with divil child, just walking princess and husband in December. The waiting lists usually pull through so will just keep fingers crossed.

Took Marina in to get her passport photo today. Going to pick them up tomorrow (quick service in Kunimi!!) and then sort out Japanese and New Zealand passports.

I have been yawning for hours. I better get to bed. I think will have to put aircon on for an hour or so tonight. Way too hot.



kuri & ping said...

Hi! Found your blog via MIJ or....somewhere. Can never remember. I love your blogging style!! Going anywhere in December is getting more and more difficult. I feel your pain! :)

marianne said...

Shit...Decemeber and Korean is doing the waiting list thing??OMFG.This is not good.And all that extra dosh we have to pay out for fuel.Arghhhhhhhh.

tj-injapan said...

bummer about the translation (is it really that lucrative??? maybe I should try to "reconnect" with some people and get me some work...but then again, I am getting used to life on the poverty line, anyway, so why rock the boat now, hehe.)

when you get your tech specs worked out, please post photos of hub's homemade lunches - I can then print them off and dish them to J in lieu of a real bento. you are such a good wifey!!

and what is this about putting the air-con *on*? ours hasn't been turned off since about July 9th! looking forward to the next few months of electricity bills. aarrggggh

Sara said...

Whats a golden licence?
And why does that song from the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie keep playing through my head whenever I think about it?


Ruth said...

Wow, thats an impressive bento? Did you make those yaki tamago yourself? It looks delish!
(Oh and congrats on the "gold" licence. Pity it's not real or you could flog it to pay for the tickets home!)

gaijin wife said...

Is it against blogging regulations to do a group comment reply??

Contacted different travel agent today and they are A LOT more helpful. Yay. will know more next week. You get golden licence after five years of no traffic violations - like speeding :)
Can get you discounts on some things apparently.

Sorry tash but the bento pic is a bit fuzzy so probably hard to print out and flog off as own. Yes, Ruth the tamogoyaki are handmade - but everythings else is a la thank you the freezer section.