Saturday, 19 July 2008


Have just finished last of three articles had to finish by Tuesday - as in tuesday coming up not tuesday been - which would have meant was lazy bitch sitting on big ass all day. Instead am highly organized powerful woman. Well, highly organized in that articles finished and sent ahead of schedulek (oops, extra k on schedule makes me sound like am from some eastern european country). Powerful in that I rule the Aramaki roost. Also maybe could possibly add confident, long legged and perky - but then we would all know I was on drugs.

Had Shou's kindy fiesta extravaganza last night. I took Marina - thinking would be ample people to hold her while I was doing things with Shou. No such luck. Things started getting a bit scratchy in between passing out the curry to the fifty people there and the twenty minutes it took for everyone to get their plastic spoons, cups of juice, pickles rah rah rah - how long can you keep a two year old waiting at six thirty for his dinner - when it is sitting right in front of him??

We had to depart just before the fireworks were meant to start. Got home, did the bath thing and then got them both to bed and dreaming about sugar plum fairies by nine o'clock.

Hub was out on the lash with the boys - the same people he sees every figgin day. I thought it was a whole office thing but apparently not - just the tax boys and girl. Everyone at kindy festival asked where hub was - majority of other kids had both parents there and definately no shady excuses like out drinking with the lads.

Hub had to have a two hour nap this morning and another this afternoon to help recuperate from night out. Slept more today that Marina!! Nice for some.

I don't want to deny hub his stress release nights out but have put foot down that kids things take precedent - even if said night out has been on calendar longer! Hub thinks he is hard done by because I don't let him go to EVERY drinking thing. He still has on average at least one a month - but more like one a fortnight and possible one or two a week at busy times of year - like just after tax season. Then its drinking dinners galor - every man and his dog has to go and pat self on back for making it through busy tax season. Rah rah, we are tax men, rah rah, we deserve beer, beer and more beer, possibly followed by some shochu (japanese alcohol made from potatos or wheat).

I am stay at home mother, I deserve wine wine and more wine, possibly followed by piece of cheese on toast or packet of salt and vinegar chips - if had any.

Right, i better get in the bath and wash the day away. Has been over thirty degrees every day for the last two weeks and not looking to let up. Excellent.



marianne said...

Good god,Your DH sounds like mine(except substitute some of the drinking for riding his bike and pachinko).And,of course, he needs naps after those activities too.

Lulu said...

Oh I am so happy my DF does`t really like booze- I am the one he has to watch out for! hehe! He is also a homebody and would rather stay home and watch a movie than go out half the time!! (That said he does like pachinko but now we are in Brisbane that has stopped- he will happily play computer games sometimes until the early hours of the morning though!

Although our new puppy is keeping him very entertained!

Congrats on getting your articles done before the deadline!!

Good luck with the heat!

gaijin wife said...

Marianne - DH used to own a bike (do you mean motorbike??) but sold it last year and now all he does is complain about how he wished he hadn't sold it!! Drinking, bike riding, pachinko, work ... everying is very streneous for the malefolk. must have long nap to get energy to go out and hunt. If only mine came back with something every once and a while... !!!

Lulu - I do like being able to share a beer or two or bottle of wine with hub after long week, day, afternoon!!! Guess the many 'nomikais' is one drawback of 'inaka' life. At least he is home by six more days than not. Good that pachinko is a Japan only thing. Does your BF not feel the need for a few hours on the pokies every so often??

iina- a puppy! I want a dog but unfortunately hub is not a 'dogs are part of family' type person.

Brisbane must be nice and cool at the moment. Jealous.

marianne said...

Yep,a motorbike.He buggered off all day Monday on it but came back with a little bag of Mr Donuts which is a start I suppose.