Saturday, 26 July 2008


Not quite jiving round the living room to Saturday Night Fever but it has been a pretty good hot summers day. Took Shou to kindy and was going to go with hub to Beppu so could look for car seat for Marina - but hey - why spend three hours in the car when I could stay at home and have snuggles with my princess. Hub had a union lunch bollocks 'we need more wages' roar roar meeting in Beppu.

Marina went down for morning nap at nine (had been awake since half five) and so I went into our room and put on cooler and spread eagled on the queen size bed for an hour and a half!!! Unheard of. I was so revived from power sleep that the half an hour I had before Marina woke up was super productive. You know (women) those times when you have ten things on the go - making baby food boiling veges in the pot, hanging out one load of washing while another is in the machine, trying to core rhythm to Macy Gray but realising Macy isn't quite Latin enough to samba too ... rah rah. You know what I'm talking about.

Then someone's brothers uncles cousin turns up and Granny K 'tells' me to give him some watermelon. I had of course already given him (without being 'told') refreshing lime suqash refreshment with icecubes clinking in lovely crystal glass. He is I think Hub's second cousin. He lives about five kms away and grows veges - is forever telling me he will bring me over some fresh basil!! Bring it on. Pesto, baby, Pesto. Have yet to see any basil. God knows what he does with it all. Its not as if basil is a daily ingredient (actually Granny K has never ever had it) in the Japanese diet.

Marina and I met friend for lunch at revolving sushi place. Am now VIP customer. Marina coo-ed for the waitresses and gave the head sushi man a gummy grin. Yes, at nine months exactly she still has no teeth. Never mind, menu is a lot easier when food is all mash. She had watermelon, kiwifruit and banana mash for breakfast this morning. yum. Kiwifruit seeds went in one end and straight out the other but I think the green bit got absorbed somewhere.

We got back from lunch, coffee and shopping and she went straight to sleep and I sat down and thought about dinner for half an hour before going to get Shou. We had cold Chinese noodles on deck. Not cold because couldn't get everything organized, but cold because that's what the way meant to be. Hiyashi chuuka. Marina of course was having spud and vege mash which she hurled up - product of getting fed dinner while in bouncer. REALLY NEED to get the highchair her dinner (not regurgitated vege mash cause that would be gross - went for some banana) after her bath and then she went straight to bed with bottle of milk and have not heard a peep out of her. Hub is upstairs at moment putting Shou to bed.

Hub has the river burning bonanza tomorrow morning from 6am, followed by weed-eating extravaganza until lunch time, after which he will come home and have lunch and shower and then at about half one we will all pile into the family wagon and head to fireworks bonanaza extravaganza in Beppu!! Yeah, baby, yeah.

I should probably get all the shite needed for me and toddler and baby to spend night away. Hopefully hub remembers to pack spare pair of undies and aftershave, because multitasking packing a 40 year old's undies is doable but not desireable. Must encourage independance.


PS - Granny K must think I am last known survivor of great potato famine cause she has grown a whole paddy of spuds and I have to have spud on menu every day to get through them. Also have tomatos coming out ass. Anyone have a good tom sauce recipe??


kasandora said...

YOU are my hero...I can't believe you live with your JAPANESE Mother in Law..mine drives me crazy from Osaka and I live in Tokyo! I love reading your stories!

rachel said...

You crack me up! Keep it up.

gaijin wife said...

Thank you!!

Tash said...

Hey, still need some tomato recipes? I have a fantastic one for home made spaghetti - yuuuuum! Don't have any tomatoes right now though, seeing as how it's middle of winter and all :o)