Thursday, 31 July 2008

Days of Our Lives

I had all good intentions (again) of blogging last night but got caught up in trying to explain story line of Reseviour (sp??) Dogs to Hub - and I myself am not too sure because at time it came out I was far too busy trying to fake my ID to get into pubs to dance to the soundtrack.

Hub, at this very minute, is outside talking to the OC Credit Card man - who turns up at nine o'clock to ask hub to sign a contract that will get OC card (type of visa card) to pay for electrical bill. Using this system will mean five dollar discount every month - AND you don't pay any interest on the credit card!! hmmmm. am not too sure how this works but man bought a can of beer with him to soften hub up. He is also some relatives brother's uncle's son in law. The beer was a 'mejiron' character can - mejiron is the green bird cartoon mascot for this year's all Japan games that are being held in Oita. Shou LOVES mejiron. He can sing the theme song and sway and stamp his feet!!

Speaking of Shou.... I went to pick him up from kindy. It was a prescious moment. He understood all my English - put the books away honey, OK, sit down and we'll put your shoes on ... and then... he picked up the pace on the way to the car - which met with a concrete faceplant and very sore looking scratches to forehead (big forehead inherited from mother) nose and chin - according to the kindy teachers his nose only got wasted because it was so 'takai' - high - as in instead of flat Japanese nose. Whatever.

Oooh (and this is totally rated and very private) have just had interlude in shower. far too much information I know but for some reason I think a lot of Japanese men seem to think that pleasing thyself is also pleasing thy wife. Considering the amount of porn in this country you would think they would be a little bit more educated. Of course there are times when I do put in a bit more effort and wont get down to business straightaway. There are othertimes though when christ, it is just easier to please and leave. Go back to washing the dishes, writting the blog or whatever :p My husband isn't in his twenties anymore so it doesn't take much time to earn brownie points.

Anyway, back to mundane family news.
Marina and I ventured to Toys R Us this morning in search of a new car seat. I found one, and a potty, and a very cool young einsteine play thing which is for Marina after her operation, and a variety of other merchandise. I bet the checkout girl could tell I don't get out much.

On the way back to Kunimi I stopped at Meiho Junior High - a school in Beppu I taught at for five months last year before Marina was born. I showed Marina off and then met up with a teacher for lunch. We went to nice coffee shop and had their set lunch - which was a thousand yen and included rice, salad, chicken and vege servings followed by small helping of cheesecake and icecream. It also just happened to be ladies day - which in Japan doesn't mean men are going to start stripping in front of you. No, better than that. We got a free strawberry sundae. I rolled out of there an hour later vowing to have no dinner and nothing to eat tomorrow.

I stuck to my word and had no dinner. But this has been cancelled out cause Hub came home with a couple of beverages and, like a magnet, like a fish to water, like a silly married man to a stupid married tart (read below) I had one. Well, I had gotten home with Marina at four, sorted dinner out, gone to pick Shou up at five, dealt with his injuries, come home and fed both kids at same time, bathed both kids (at same time), put Marina to bed, played with Shou for extra 'big boy' half an hour, put him to bed, and then had an English lesson from eight until nine. God damit, I deserved that beer.

About the title to this blog - days of our lives. Hub claims (and don't hold me to this if you find out otherwise - as if) that someone told him that someone told them that they saw Married man come out of neon palmtree love hotel with married bit on the side!!! Arrrgghh. the scandel. Maki seems to think that they will both divorce their partners and get married!!! Whats the fun in that though!!

In other news - Shou did a wee on his new potty. This is almost worthy of front page Oita Newspaper. Very exciting times at the Aramaki household.

Nighty night campers.



Anonymous said...

Yay for the wee in the potty! I still make a scene everytime LB goes in her potty. I'm hoping that one day she will just get sick of me making a fool of myself and just go potty without a fuss.

P.S. I love how you took a short break in the middle of your post to discuss your "interlude." I wonder if there is more porn in Japan or the USA? Or which country has the honor of being the "porniest"

gaijin wife said...

Am liking word 'porniest'. may very well maybe definately steal this word for future post!!

kasandora said...

oh my god, your amazing...yay for interludes!...and I definitely think Japan is the "porniest"...sometimes I am walking along in the video store and suddenly I am surrounded by porn. Then I realize that more than half the shop is porn, with no randy little curtain to protect one's eyes.

Vicky said...

I saw your blog in your sig on MIJ and you awful woman you have just sucked up my entire afternoon!

I read all the way back to the very beginning. You are hilarious and I salute you for living your life with such verve!

I'm a Brit, at the other end of Japan, but I have the same number of kids and an equally annoying MIL who thankfully lives a few blocks away because one or the other of us would be dead by now if we'd lived together (the mad old bat wanted it and still bemoans my selfishness even while she can't stand me....)

gaijin wife said...

Vicky - thanks for finding us. Would rather be selfish and not living with mother in law - stick your ground. I hope inaka Hokkaido is building some more homes. Another one has just gone up in Kunimi. I wonder how soon is too soon to put someone on the waiting list! Your jiichan sounds nice though. I imagine he is wise and stays out of things - or as a male, doesn't even register half the time!!