Thursday, 17 July 2008

Day Three

Just quickly

Had my three English classes today. Somehow managed to do a couple of articles too, make some dinner, do some washing, tidying and even a trip to the supermarket. Marina got looked after, fed and changed in between that too. I even think she got enough attention from mummy to not feel too neglected and down on the list of things mummy needs to do. Shou got the usual morning and evening routines but think hubby missing out a bit - although we did all have alfresco dinner on deck.

Marina was in fantastic pink summer beach dress and matching bloomers today. Was far too cute for staying at home - hence trip to supermarket to weezle as many 'cute baby' comments as possible in ten minute trip round supermarket for tofu and bread.

Am about to head for the bath and then bed - was really hoping a nap might be in the picture today but who has time to sleep during the day??? far too much to do. Today that is. Maybe Marina and I can have nap together tomorrow. Tomorrow evening is the kindy dinner thing. Is meant to be raining so I guess there goes the fireworks. Should be fun anyway. Must remember to charge camera battery.

Hopefully be able to post a pic tomorrow night - but then am not holding breath for four days posting in a row.

nighty night


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