Saturday, 12 July 2008

Auto Pilot II

Marina got a temperature yesterday - appeared to have no other cough/cold like symptoms so automatically thought was kidney related. Monitored it for the night - with a few bum bullets to keep the temperature down. She was extremely unlike herself though - and wouldn't go down on her own. Needed to be nestled in between a bit of boob to settle down. DNA from her father no doubt. Anyway hub got about four hours sleep and I think I got a total of about an hour and a half - half of which may well have been standing up swaying to self singing twinkle twinkle little star like a broken bloody record.

Dropped Shou off at kindy and proceeded on to the doctors where they tested her pee - which is I might add is as clear as a mountain stream and not a hint of anything sinister that would keep us in hospital for a week - like I thought we would be. Temperature appears to have been caused by inflamed throat - again. I will be glad when the operation is over and we wont have to drop everything as soon as she gets a mystery temperature. At least its always the same doctors and they understand.

We got home and Marina went down for a two hour nap and I surfed (or similar) to see how much would cost to rent house for two months in December and January. Found a wee place not too far from Mum and Dad's that doesn't have stairs, has a fenced yard and even offers a highchair and cot. Have made an enquiry as to whether will give me super duper flash boobies discount. Of course hub can't swan off to New Zealand for two months or THE WHOLE tax department, not just in Kunimi but possibly the ENTIRE world would come to a halt. He thinks this would happen if he was out of the office for even two weeks, let alone two months. So anyway, I put it past him that maybe he could come for a week at either side - ie; to help with the flights, which will no doubt be nightmare with two and a half year old and one year old. Although, if he can't do both ends then I will contemplate the challenge alone. I really really need some time at home, and with the ever bloody increasing prices it makes less and less sense to only go for ten days or so. Also, Shou is speaking like a desparate housewife on speed and ALL of it is in Japanese, so two months in an English speaking environment would probably be a good thing at this stage. Also means miss Japanese winter and get two months of New Zealand summer. Shou could start learning to swim, I could get a tan, maybe grow some legs up to my armpits, tint my eyelashes, read real mags every day, watch a bit of Shortland Street (is that still even on?). Bliss.

Shou got home from kindy today and was playing somewhere out of sight when I heard an excellent rendition of a two year old being scared shitless by a spider the size of a small pacific island. Definately DNA from his mum. Hub just pulled out the 'your a man, you can't cry over a little spider'. My God, Jackie Chan, The Terminator and Sly all rolled into one would freak at the size of the spiders here.

Hub is taking Shou to the beach tomorrow. He has a Lightening McQueen floatie thing ready to be blown up. I might ask Granny K to look after Marina for an hour or so so that I can go and throw my lard ass in the ocean as well. Granny K seems to be less and less enthusiastic about granny duties lately though, so she may well say no. I got a flat out refusal when I asked if she wanted to come to a kindy kids and families dinner and dancing thing at the kindy next Friday. Invited her because I thought she might enjoy it - and also because hub is out at drinking thing in Beppu and would have been nice to have Granny K there to keep an eye on Shou cutting up onions or to hold Marina for a few mins here and there. Far too tiring though. When I hinted at maybe leaving Marina at home I wasn't greeted with a fanfare of 'Yes, I will look after thy beautiful granddaughter', so figured easier just to take Marina with me. Besides, will be excess supply of teachers walking round twiddling their thumbs because all the kids have their parents looking after them. Am sure can pawn Marina off to one of them for while.

Was similar thing when spoke to own mum today. Was first time I pulled out the 'am thinking about coming home with both kids for two months' thing. Definately no fanfare of 'would love you to stay with darling grandson who haven't seen for two years and lovely princess granddaughter who have never met. stay as long as you want. Mi case, su casa...' :( I don't blame them really, mum has had her go of looking after small kids, what with four of us, not that I would be arriving in New Zealand and the next day leaving my kids with her so I could go off on on a bender and catch up with friends. Besides, all friends have / or will have babies by then. Their house is on the market too - so being kept in very clean state so people can come and view house anytime. But then selling house in New Zealand real estate market at moment would be like trying to sell Granny K a leather mini skirt and knee high fuck me boots. So, hoping that house doesn't sell by Christmas.

Anyway, have a month or so before need to make definate decisions. Tickets home aren't even out yet. Watch this space.

Well, Granny K - aka Vestling meets the caped crusader (well, thats what she looked like when she took off for vege patch this arvo. Dressed in about ten layers of clothes (was thirty two degrees today!!) with towel wrapped round face and flapping out the back from under her straw hat with brim big enough to hold olympic cycling race on. Marina got quite a shock and had to do a double take before giving her a gingerly 'hmmm, not quite sure if you are my granny but you do seem to have similar eyes - seeing as that is only part of you can see' smile.) has just gotten out of the bath so I think I will hop in. A cold shower would feel nicer in this heat though. It is sooooo hot that I started sweating just looking at the Core Rhythms Latin Dance Workout DVD set that arrived on Wednesday.

I did the starter DVD on the Wednesday. Teaches you all the basic moves. Got stitch after about ten minutes. On Thursday I tried the full lengh workout but had to throw in the towel after 29 minutes. Yesterday I did the short 25 minute workout and sweat about two kilos. Today.... well, I sumba-ed my way to the fridge for an ice cold beer - does that count??


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tj-injapan said...

The holiday house idea sounds good - maybe you can ask other former 90210 residents who happen to be back in NZ to flash their tits as well for an even better discount?

After half-heartedly thinking about going home last week, I ended up doing a quick search for flights on Thursday - seems that if I had have left last Friday, I could have got a flight for about 3.9man (of course, add in 5man surcharge for me and 5man surcharge for K and the 10% price for her ticket...but still, not too bad.) This week they are already up to the 8-10man mark for the ticket, so, looks like I will be stuck here for the summer. I too am thinking of a longer vacation over Xmas - even mentioned it to J and my mum in advance so that they can BOTH start saving, lol!

On a more serious note, I have a small "claim" to make here - I read your post before bed last night, and then had some serious trouble getting to sleep as the image of Granny K in a leather mini and FMB was far too vivid, and scary. still getting shivers now thinking about it, lol!!