Sunday, 6 July 2008


As predicted, I had a blog relapse for a week but have come back in force. I have just gotten off the phone to a friend (Jo, you know who you are : ) ) and she has made things seem a lot more normal and am not feeling like complete mum failure anymore (thankyou). Mums of two year olds and eight months old must have these moments...??? Well, Marina is a princess. Doesn't answer back, no lip, no biting (but due to no teeth), no baka baka baka baka (idiot idiot idiot idiot), no trying to suck yoghurt off the carpet but infact making bigger mess ....... the list is just bloody endless. Trying to be promoter of the new New Zealand no smacking law but... who the hell made that law? A room full of men who spend their day surrounded by adults, having cups of coffee (the bliss) and conversations that don't include the word 'baka baka baka' or 'mushi mushi mushi' - idiot and insect - two of the same. But then room full of politicians deciding new laws to pass may well say 'you bloody idiot, you disgusting green jumping two winged eight legged good for nothing insect ...' Who knows??

Hubby smacked Shou on the wrist this morning. I know some of you probably thinking I am silly sap but I was still angry at hub. Doubled anger level when granny K decided to input some child raising advice to the tune of 'hitting child is good for child education - they need to learn'. Bad word about to come WARNING.

FUCK OFF Granny K!! Back away from the pissed off daughter in law.

Had to gently menouver her out of the lounge and close the door. After Granny K's tidbit hub and I both, at exactly the same time (synchronize your watches) said equivilent of 'shut up and bugger off' to granny K. Not a peep out of her for rest of day.

Hub and I have since had talk on Aramaki houshold smacking policy - basically when things are done that are dangerous to self or other person - fingers in sockets, trying to bash Marina on head with plastic baseball bat etc. Anything else to be dealt with using the 'time out' tactic. Think we reached some common ground. Yay of bloody all yays. Tired of thinking about it.

So anyway, about pic. Damn cute picture of someone elses' extremely cute boy playing on fort at park. Looks remarkably like Shou but I was far too pissed off at entire bloody world to take photo like this.


Off to bed to get three hours of sleep before devil one, disguised as princess, wakes wanting milk (my god, you still give your eight month old baby a bottle in the middle of the night - slap me on the wrist), followed an hour later by devil child 2, disguised as himself, Water mummy. Water mummy! Mummy doesn't come. Water daddy! Water daddy!. Daddy doesn't come. ScreAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM.

I know what you did last summer...


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Sara said...

Oh my gosh!?! X_X
Well thats put me off my wanting kids a little bit!

Hope your devil children show you some angelicness and at least you've made what seems to be some good steps towards a 相互理解的なしつけprogram! (wasn't sure how to phrase it in English lol)

I'm making sure to take my oral contraceptive to day for sure :)