Sunday, 29 June 2008


Yay, bloody yay for finishing crap article on the International Criminal Court. If I'd pulled my head in I could have finished it on Friday night but alas, I got sidetracked by you again, and trying to upload crab pic.

Shou DID NOT sleep until six the next morning. Ten to five and its 'mummy, mummy, okita yo (I'm awake)!. Bugger off, go back to sleep (said in head), as I go to Shou's room. Hey sweetie pie (devilchild). Are you up already (of course you bloody are, have heard you brooming your car around your room for the last half hour). Lets go down and change your nappy and get you some breakfast aye? (maybe with half a sleeping pill mashed into your yoghurt!)

Love my kids, are perfect little packages of delight.

Shou had kindy on Saturday so hubby, Marina and I went to kurukuru sushi. I just figured that the staff that work on thursdays wouldn't be working on the weekends - and hence I wouldn't get caught for going to sushi twice in three days! WRONG!! Same staff - including nice young man who was in charge of our table on Thursday. He even remembered me - not for any exciting reason like that I look like sex siren with great boobs and long legs - but because probably was only foreigner the shop saw in the whole three days!! He even ASKED ME if I would like some corn salad sushi. Hubby looked a bit perplexed that he knew I liked corn salad sushi!!

On the way to and from sushi we had to drive over the same bit of road I had my talk with the police on. I think hubby knows something because he didn't go over 62 the whole time - and this is unusual for him. I refuse to break and confess though - dito for him - or else he really doesn't know and I am just reading a whole novel inbetween three lines.

There was a local festival in town today. It was raining but we braved it anyway. Shou got a free 'scoop a goldfish' ticket. According to hub the owner of the 'scoop a goldfish' booth didn't say anything when Shou flagged the stupid disolving scooper for his hand. We now have a lone goldfish swimming in a salad bowl on the bench - with some gungy river weed. Shou has named it 'taitai', very very original name meaning 'fishywishy'.

I forget sometimes that I am the only white person in Kunimi. People are so used to me I foreget I am a 'foreigner' sometimes. But today at the festival a little girl (but old enough to know better) demanded to know where I was from - was I American? I have nothing against americans but it is like asking every Asian you meet if they are from China. Really wasn't much of a biggy, but it has been a long time since this kind of open surprise at seeing a foreigner has happened.

Anyway, is my fault for choosing to live in small backward town.

Am hankering for a piece of cheese on toast. I bet if I google hard enough I will find a diet that endorses cheese toast eating at ten o'clock at night.



Lulu said...

I didn`t know taitai meant fishywishy?! I guess you really do learn something new everyday!

Congrats on finishing your article! What was it for, if you don`t mind me asking?!?

I look forward to reading (hearing?) whether your hubby ever mentions the speeding ticket?! Maybe he really doesn`t know?!? Although I think I underestimated how small your little town was if it has gotten back to him! Makes me a little happy that I live in a major city I think! hehehe!!!

I don`t think you ever get used to the `Mummy Mummy gaijin gaijin` comments (I have had that a few times!!), and questions about where you are from. Especially in smaller towns. When I was in Hiroshima, every taxi driver I spoke to while I was there asked me immediately when I got into the taxi, whether I was American or not.

I Hijacked your comments, sorry!

gaijin wife said...

Hi lulu
the article is for the university I used to work at - I am now on the there books for part time translating and editing. The stuff is usually OK but every now and then there will be something that leaves me exhausted - at least on these occasions my house ends up tidy from all the procrastination!!