Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Oven Mit

Well, the oven mitt has taken pride of place on the wall. Haven't used it yet but it so looks like it will keep me from burning my fingers.

Maki and I had yakiniku (BBQ) on the deck tonight - after the kiddie winkles were asleep. I had the iPOD in the new Aquatunes. Nice, nice, very nice. am liking it a lot. We had the BBQ on Maki's new father's day (tomorrow in Japan) BBQ. We were drinking one of the nice NZ wines that turned up yesterday. The 17cm set of shelves for beside the wash basin are just right - despite taking two hours to put together.

M and I had a girls day out today. We went to a huge home center, followed by lunch at starbucs and half an hour shitting ourselves because I had dropped the car keys. Thank god for good honest people shopping in the frozen foods section of the supermarket.

We are giving S his birthday prezzie tomorrow. His birthday isn't until tuesday but try giving a two year old the coolest, bestest car tower for his birthday and then tell him half an our later he has to get in the car for kindy! So, much better to give to him on rainy sunday instead. He still doesn't know the whole birthday concep t- although he has got the happy birtheday song down pat -even if he does think it's daddy's song!

I better get to bed. am sitting here yawning.



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