Monday, 23 June 2008


Two days in a row! Blogspot wont recognize me. How did I find the time to blog every day - well, for the first two weeks or so anyway!

This will be short. I need to get in the bath and get to bed. I have just had to squilch my first overly sized spider of the season. Actually it wasn't even that big. Probably only about the size of Shou's hand. Give them another couple of months to chomp down some frogs and small snakes and they will be the size of my hand with a body as big and round as a small plum. Postively disgusting. Definately not in the 'insect' category. More in the 'animals that we need to make extinct' category. I know that they aren't harmful and that they can probably skull bak 300 flies and mozzies a day but still... you can hear them when they run across the floor. Time to start leaving boxes of tissues around the house. Unfortunatley I don't have any qualms baching them with a box of tissues, but I can't actually scrape them up and flush them down the loo. Gross. Bring back daddy long legs - who would guess I used to be afraid of them.

I am off to Oita tomorrow to see my niece and her three month old son. I have only met him for a total of five minutes ever. I invited Granny K to go see her one and only great grandchild but she said the watermelons need covering or the big black crows will come and eat them. She said she could do Sunday but then that would mean packing up the hubby and devil child as well, and I don't think the neice would be too impressed if we all invaded her.

Right, off to the bath.

nighty night campers.



Anonymous said...

oh, you have beautiful children. i so happened to come pass your blog and i just briefly read it. it must be great to live in japan. do you speak Japanese?

gaijin wife said...

Thank you! Of course I think my kiddies are just beautiful too but then I am biased. Yes I speak Japanese - but not at a level well enough to have absolutely no trouble arguing with hubby or mother in law. I studied all through high school (studied/pissed round/failed my last year exams!!) and university. I thought hub would be more interested in learning some more English but obviously not! Maybe when he sees me and Shou and Marina talking and he can't understand ....