Monday, 9 June 2008


Blogging in the middle of day = procrastination. I have five english lessons to prepare for which means I am now on the computer checking emails and realising that I ordered some very unnecessary stuff on the internet last night after having a couple of glasses of wine! Before the computer, I procrastinated with some elbow greese. The sink has never looked so shiney. I contemplated starting to sand down the old wooden BBQ table so I can then paint a cool mural on it and turn it into a sand box for S - but that obviously wasn't high enough up on my list of ways to procrastinate.

As for last night's efforts... it should be illegal to partake in internet shopping while under the influence - especially when the credit card you are using belongs to a bank account in another country. Almost like playing with monopoly money. It isn't real really... is it?? A bottle of cheap nasty sav later and I am now the proud owner of a snoopy tie (sending to snoopy lover friend's husband), snoopy diary (for snoopy lover friend), shelf for beside the bathroom sink - tall thin one to fit in the 17cm gap between the sink and the wall. I think at some stage in between glass number two and three of cheap nasty sav I had visions of lovely new shelf being full of nice lotions and potions. I think I was about to surf the internet for the country bumpkin's answer to botox but then realised it was midnight and eye creams and anti-wrinkle syrums could wait for another day. My 'in the light of day' practicality tells me the new shelf will be full of nappies, baby suncream and perhaps an odd mascara or lip gloss.

I also somehow, not quite sure why, who actually buys these things, ordered a sillicone oven mitt. Jealous?? I know you want one really. Mine is fire engine red and has a magnet so it can stick to the fridge and and can handle up to 300 degree heat and and is just so cool it's going to make everything it touches turn to gold. It cost my innocent New Zealand bank account forty dollars. Arrrgghhh. Almost as much as my designer whisk I got last time I was home - in the light of day and no, not under the influence at all.

I guess if I realise the sillicone thingy was a waste I can always pass it on to Granny K. Perhaps she could prop up her vestling breastlings with it! By gosh, Kunimi wouldn't have seen a vestling with high breastlings before.

I also, as the online Apple store reminded me today, purchased an Aquatune which, to those out of the apple iPOD loop, is a waterproof speaker unit for my iPOD. How cool. I can bath with BGM or take it out on the lawn for sunny day picnics and BBQs.

Last, but not least, I ordered five bottles of sav from Pacifc wine cellars. New Zealand sav of course so not cheap and nasty. Note to self: drink in times of black out or while sitting on top of computer only.

So... the five english classes, that I am so successfully managing to procrastinate from preparing for, will pay for about half of last nights antics, when in all truthfullness they were meant to be paying for half an in-flight meal for our christmas trip home.

In other news....M is well. She is napping at the moment after an outing this morning to a NZ friend's house. We got fed yummy yummy banana cake - well, M didn't so I had to have hers for her. Doesn't bode well for my slim fast diet - which is the latest goer. I have a case of cappuccino slim fast cans. You are meant to substitute two meals a day if you want to lose weight fast. If you want to lose weight slowly you just do the one can a day. My first can the other day was an effort. Barrrgahahahahemrechrechgag. Sooooo sweet that it took me an hour to finish it, which could actually be part of the whole slim fast hype. But honestly, today I procrastinated for a whole hour before my lunch can - during which time I got so hungry I had to have two peices of cheese on toast. Bloody Hell. Thy will not learn.

Right, might try and sort out just one of my classes.


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