Thursday, 26 June 2008

Over Speed

Over speed ... well, thats what Mr. policeman told me in English when he pulled me over for going 71km in a 50km zone. I have survived ten years of driving in Japan without any tickets - not even any warnings. I haven't had to do the crying woman I can't speak any Japanese thing or flash my boobs.

Marina and I went to meet a friend for lunch at kurkuru (revolving) sushi today. a few corn salads, shrimp and toro (??) sushi later Marina and I had to head home so that I wouldn't be late for my afternoon English classes. I wasn't hooning along. You can only hoon if you are in an Escourt, Lancer or maybe a Corolla. I was in our nice and respectable Honda Stepwagon. Marina was snoring in her carseat and I was drumming out a few Dido tunes with the window down, the wind in my hair ... blah blah, you now the routine. The road was a stretch of long straight coastal road about fifteen minutes from home. Sneaky little policeman sits in this little bit on the side - kind of squatting with his spead camera. Very hard to see until you just about drive over him. It is quite a common spot for them and I have often been the car getting pissed at the car in front because they are only going 62 - and then been relieved when they get pulled over instead of me. I guess it was my turn today.

Murphy's law that this happens the day before I have to go and renew my drivers licence to a GOLD licence - Gold. That means that, until today, I had no deductions on my licence and have been super excellent driver for X number of years - I think its five but it could be ten. Now I have a 2 point deduction. My fine, ahem $180, has to paid at the bank or post office - hence not paying it in Kunimi or the whole of civilization will know in a matter of minutes - possible seconds. Bloody hell, I may as well just tell the whole world on the internet.

I haven't told hubby yet and don't plan to until we are driving along the same stretch of road and he is going a similar speed, then I will casually say something like "hey, you know how fast you were just going now, well that's fast enough to get you an 180 dollar fine and a two point deduction off your licence ..."

So anyway, the policeman didn't seem too surprised to see a foreigner. In case I hadn't realised why I had been pulled over he said I had been 'over speed'. Almost as if I take speed every day and am finnaly starting to get sick of it. God, I am so over speed and so going to start something else! I don't usually leave the house with my bank card and personal seal in my bag. Lack of a personal seal meant I had to fingerprint the ticket. He assured me that they get Japanese people to do the same thing - if they don't have their inkans (seal).

Anyway, enough of my run in with the law. My three English classes went well. I used a big box of different colored shapes and sizes in all three classes - even with the Junior high kids. I have now got half an eye on CSI while I successfully procrastinate from translating an article on a transitional justice workshop held by a former Yugoslavian judge of the internatioanl tribunal. Trust me, I couldn't make this shite up if I tried.

Tomorrow I am going to the next town over to pay my fine and go and sort out my licence. I hope hubby doesn't ask to see my new Gold licence. I better get to bed.



tj-injapan said...

was going to call you back this morning (I missed your call yesterday as I was napping with K!!) but don't want to get you caught for talking on your phone while driving - probably just AFTER you get your new license issued.

Over speed, just before you get your gold license sucks! My "consipracy theory" is that they KNEW and they were waiting to catch you the day before your license expired. Oh, and that man never really walked on the moon, but that really has nothing to do with this post does it.

illahee said...

i got a ticket last year on the day before my birthday. nine months pregnant *sigh* the speed isn't even posted there, so how was i to know!

i told yoshi about it and he wasn't happy (the ticket was 15,000 yen) but a few days later he was driving on the same stretch of road, speeding, and he conceded that it was an easy thing to do.

ironically, i also had to renew my license last year, too.