Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Is there an 'r' in orthello? Does it have two 'l's?? Go the queen spelling bee. Today Marina and I took Shou to kindy and then carried on to Oita city - two hour drive away. She slept the whole way and I sang very loudly to SMAP (Japanese boy band) and only had to stop when I caught my self belting out 'Hippy Happy Shake' at the lights at a very busy intersection in Beppu - with the passenger window down. It took me the next twenty minutes to our destination to get over the embarrassment. Would have been a lot cooler if I had been singing something in English. Ah well.

We got to my sister in law's house at about half ten. Her daughter is married to a policeman who works late - as in doesn't get home until ten or eleven every night. And here I am going on at hub for getting in at eight some times!! She ends up going back to her parents house during the daytime and just going home to sleepand say a brief hi to hubby. Her bubs is three months old now and looks like he has spent the entire three months of his life tanning on the beach. His mum is very pale so I am presuming the permanent tan is from dad - who I have only met for ten minutes at their wedding. When we lined him (Rintaro) and Marina up to take a pic my neice said they looked like Orthello.

We stayed for lunch which was gourmet sammies - including pumpkin and cucumber!! I was a bit hesitant as I am a believer of pumpkins are grown to be roasted or turned into soup. Out with the pies and sandwhiches. In my book, putting pumpkin in a sandwhich is akin to putting corn, brocolli and mashed potato on a pizza - only in Japan! However, I am now a born again pumpkin rocks the sandwhich world believer. Not quite a vegemite, lettuce and cheese but possibly up in the top five .

I tried to upload a pic of Rintaro - who would be Marina's what?? second cousin?? He is Marina's cousin's son - my neice's son. hmmm. The pic is around the wrong way though so I need to sort that out - which I can't just do in a separate window now because this computer is like a woman with PMS. A pain in the bloody ass. I will need to re-boot and do all sorts of technical shite like hit the side of it and maybe throw the mouse across the room - then maybe get my pharmeceutical interrogation kit out (watching too much Jack Bauer on 24 season six) - to scare the hard drive into cooperating.

I will try my best.

And here we go... it worked.

Granny K and I have just come back from the rice paddie - at half ten at night. She turned the water on a couple of hours ago thinking that if she left it filling up over night there would be prime rice growing water levelage by tomorrow morning. She now thinks it might spit a bit during the night - in which case the water scales might tip to the drowning the damn rice side. Hence why we had to do a covert mission in the kei truck in the pitch black surrounded by croaking frogs. Big bonus daughter in law brownie points :)


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