Sunday, 22 June 2008

My Birthday

Posted by Shou - age two years and five days.

Today was my birthday party. I didn't have any idea of course but then that's probably because I am only two and don't have a clue about most things - apart from snakes and cars. I didn't even think anything was a miss when I came down stairs this morning and there were balloons for africa. Apparantely mum blew up 28 of the 32 packet in the same time it took dad to blow up 4 with a balloon blower upperer pump thingy. But then dad is very sick. He has what mum calls a man-cold but I can tell he is in pain. Must be my boy intuition. Hope I never feel as crap as he claimed he did. MY GOD his temperature was 37.4 which surely for the amount of carry on must be almost at deaths door - although mum tells me I had a temperature of 40 a couple of weeks ago and I appear to have come out the other side unscathed.

I digress. The party was starting at one, which really is a stupid time to plan a party for two year olds. Going right into nap time thank you - starting to get cranky. But, when everyone started turning up it was pretty exciting. I got given some cool things, ate some cake, had a few drinks, hung out on the deck. It was all really quite grown up - in between the head first slides down my coolest in the world jungly-gym / slide and shooting all my matchbox cars off my four storied parking lot car set thingy that ma and pa got me for my birthday.

Anyway, back to the cake. Mum made a train. I think she was pretty excited that I guessed a train first off. She would have been shattered if I had said boat or frog or something. I wasn't very impressed at the pink color of the main carriage. Bloody gay train. I wanted red god damn it. tomato red, McQueen red, the red of mum's new cilicone oven mit red - which by the way I saw her use this morning for the first time. She seemed overly excited about an oven mit, claiming she couldn't feel any heat at all. Bloody bollocks, I mean the oven was at 200 degrees for christ sake.

Back to the party. Mum had spent all day yesterday and this morning cleaning the house, which basically means cleaning up all my shite. Marina leaves her shite round too but I guess she doesn't know any better. Dito for Dad. The house was looking pretty sparkly bling blidda bling by the time my friends and their mums arrived. I showed them into the main hall aka the ballroom aka the 6 mat tataimi room. We played for a while and then mum made me the center of attention while everyone sang happy birthday to me. Not quite sure about the whole blow the candle out thing. I mean I'm really only just getting the hang of blowing on my food before I put it in my mouth - but then that's a survival tactic. Blowing a number two candle out on the second carriage of a banana cake train doesn't really top my list of things I really need to do right now. In the end I think the wind that ended up blowing the candle out came from daddy - although it could have been my friend's mummy who was blowing wind from the other side - mainly hitting me in the face, but some maverick wind may have gotten on target. Daddy took the credit though.

Marina was real good all day. I mean, I didn't even mind that she was there - even when she was star of the show for an hour in her jolly jumper. AN HOUR!! she was so quiet that mum kept forgetting about her. She was loving it though. Almost like a swan lake ballet dancer on some speed. Shit, I don't think I'm meant to know about speed.

My mum's friend over in Ireland sent me a cool lego train set. It arrived this morning but mum took it straight from the amazon man and hid it until after the party. I think she wanted to use it to bribe me to eat all my dinner and have a bath. I took ALL the pieces into the bath. I think Marina has taken a shine to the elephant (it is a train set with an elephant carrier - not joking here) and tried to eat it's head LOL. silly girls. I think I am going to stuff all the bits down my jim jams to see if I can get away with taking them all to bed. Mum's pretty up on the know about these things though so I doubt I will get away with it.

Thanks to everyone who sent me cool prezzies. I was spoilt rotton for a whole week. This whole birthday thing is quite lucretive - I'm not sure how you spell that but I don't think it really matters.

Mum said to say SDGH&QL, whatever that means.

love shou

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tj-injapan said...

lol, I love this post.
and nice cake, super mum! can I get one of those for MY birthday?