Friday, 27 June 2008

Mr. Crab

Shou decided he just HAD TO HAVE the crab that was lurking in front of the front door when we got home from kindy. I like dogs. I like cats. I like big animals like tigers and lions. Anything with long skinny legs, spiders, crabs, models, can just bugger off. But, a mother trying to impress her kiddies will do anything. So away I go and get Shou's little insect viewing plastic box thing and trap Mr. crab. Squeals of delight from Shou and mega mummy rocks brownie points for me.

(The can in the background of the pic is a slimfast can discretely disguised as a can of beer.)

Three hours later and Mr. crab is released from captivity while Shou is brushing his teeth. Tried a new technique tonight. Shou, who usually goes to bed at about half seven, went to bed at half eight. We are trying for the 'please bloody please, if you love your parents at all you will stop waking up at quarter to five and sleep until at least six' regime. Hmmmm. Will let you know how we got on tomorrow. He was the perfect child from between about seven until bed time. Daddy was out playing town office volleyball (!!???) so Shou and I read books and played a bit of WWF. Jump, Slam, giggle giggle, Hold, Count, giggle giggle. Marina was asleep - crashed out at seven on the dot. Big day of police stations and post offices.

Went to the next town over and paid my fine. Went to a post office I had never been to before to pay it. Then went to the police station to renew my drivers licence. I was so thnking they were going to tell me that after yesterday's anticts I had to pay more or take an extra course rah rah. They didn't say anything about the fine at all. I have to go back on the 23rd of July for a half hour defenisve drivers course type thing. I get my new licence that day too. Perhaps today when I went I was still flying under the radar and my fine hadn't hit their comptuers yet. I imagine they would have figured that I am bad bad girl scout by 23rd of July though. Ah well, we live and we learn.

Hub hasn't said anything about it so far, which makes me think the Kunimi grapevine isn't as fast and technologically advanced as I was led to believe. Otherwise he is doing the whole 'she hasn't told me about the police so maybe I will wait and see if she actually says something' thing.

A marriage is built on trust.

bollocks. Little white lies, or rather non confessions as in this case, are AOK. Some things are better left unsaid. It will come out sometime, but until then I will remain the gold licence most excellent drivers of all times wife.

Anyway, hubby is home from volleyball now. He lost one and won one. Everyone else is at a drinking thing - but I told him he might get lucky if he flagged the afterdrinks and came home with beverages instead. Clever man. Knows which side his breads buttered on.

Better hit the hay :p


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