Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Man Help

I am a bit of a bathroom scale freek - none of this 'I don't know when I weighed myself last' lark. Sometimes I might pop on three times a day. In the morning before the shower - and wonder how I managed to put on 400 grams overnight. Must have been all the pies I was dreaming about. And then once before and after my bath in the evening. Again, wonder at how it is possible to lose 400 grams during a thirty minute bath. I guess on nights like tonight I can understand it - shaving my legs after a two week hiyatus. (sp??) But 400 grams worth!! The mind boggles.

Took M to the hospital AGAIN (sigh) today after 24 hours of a 40 degree temperature. What with her big bald and extremely hot head I could probably have fried an egg, if not at least been able to heat up some leftovers to luke warm. She is sleeping like a baby at the moment. Funny that.

We had a full night of sleep from S last night. It was been a very very long time since this has happened. No nightmares or waking up at 4 o'clock to call daddy into his room to bleat on about two year old shite. Thomas rah rah, McQueen rah rah, ghosts rah rah, frogs rah rah, snakes rah rah, beetles rah rah, any kind of insect you can think of rah rah. We got a half seven to just before six stretch out of him. Miracle of miracles. Marina only woke three times ... Her temperature dropping bum bullet is about to wear off (they last about six hours) so I expect she will be letting us know pretty soon.

I took M into daddy's work last week. It was really just a show off session disguised as a lets go and say hello to daddy outing. Hub said something to his office about me telling him off that morning. He got up with S at half five and then when M and I came down at six he remained plastered horizontally to the couch while I got both of the kiddies sorted. He usually does the early shift with S and then when I come down he goes back to bed for an hour. We have it all worked out like a fine oiled machine (ahem). On the morning in question, after as much nagging as womanly possible he refused to acknowledge me and remained on the counch. Please aggree with me at how annoying this is. I got pissed off and told him I didn't mind him sleeping but could he do it upstairs so that I didn't have to see him sleep while I was running round like a headless chicken. I told his office this.

Being repremanded in front of his office (but really I was just relaying very briefly what happened) he decided to go on man help duties. You know, when men think they are helping and deserve a million brownie points, if not at least some extra nookie, when in fact their helping is filled with flaws - like washing all the dishes and putting all the cuttlery on a towel to dry on the bench, with the knives one centermeter away from the edge. OR, getting S changed and not realising both his t-shirt and trousers are on back to front. Thanks for the thought but some flowers and a shoulder rub would work better. Of course this can't be voiced to hub as we really do need to encourage our other halfs to help in house and child raising matters. Praise praise, praise and more praise. Thank you darling for cooking a lovely dinner (and leaving the bench looking like a bombsite), putting the washing on (minus any fabric softener), taking the rubbish out (before I had emptied the upstairs bins).

Enough already. As a woman it is my perogative (sp?? word usage??) to nag, bitch, and moan. Blame it all on PMT. Any tension comes pre a future period so surely this can be the excuse for everything.

That aside, hub and I are doing very well of late. Granny K has even been keeping a low profile - although I must admit when S came out of her room the other day with bright yellow all around his mouth I thought Granny K had been handing out adult vitamin pills again. Not to worry though, S had just been munching on crayons instead.

I have a new english class starting tomorrow - pre-school age kiddies. Five of them - WITH THEIR MOTHERS!!! arrrgh. What was I thinking. No winging it anymore. Here come the days of organized english lessons with lesson plans. OMG. Am actually nervous about teaching five 5 year olds how to sing 'head, shoulders, knees and toes.'

We went shopping over the weekend and bought me a mama-chari (bike) and a rear seat child carrier so I can take Shou to and from kindy on it. Murphy's law it rained yesterday and this morning so I couldn't use it, but I did go and pick him up on it this afternoon. The helmet is sooooooo cute -although we did have to get the four year old helment because the two year old one just about cut off all circulation to his big head. I will try and get a pic.

Better go and finish my lesson plan for 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes'.


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