Wednesday, 18 June 2008

GE Rice

It would appear that Granny K sprayed the rice shoots with weed killer instead of nice yummy rice grow spray. The shoots get delivered on trays. We need 20 trays for our size paddy. She sprayed ten of then before she realized. Her and Maki came hooning back home with the ten trays balanced on the back of the truck. She sprayed them down with the hose but then decided to leave them there and get ten more trays delivered. This was three days ago and the paddy has been planted but we still have ten trays of rice shoots lining the drive !? Who needs paving!

Shou loved his brithday prezzie. We got at least four hours of play out of it on sunday, which in itself was worth the $29.95 we payed for it. He wakes up in the morning and remembers it is there and gets excited all over again - albeit a bit wobbly and with a forty degree temp. He has had a temp since Monday. That night was terrible. How many times can you change a sweaty two year old in the middle of the night - answer should reflect exact number of pairs of pajamas, which in our case was three. I slept in with him for most of the night. Poor wee thing. Was running round on Tuesday though - our birthday. It was a pretty uneventful day, although Maki and I did get to sneak out for okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake type things - but really we went for the 'nama') for an hour after the kiddies were in bed. He also came home from work with very styly flowers which earn him several brownie points. I had to scrub the bench down so said flowers didn't fade into background of dishes and other crap.

God, I can't keep me eyes open. I had all good intentions to get on and write a decent blog to make up for our time apart but I am just too shattered.


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