Monday, 30 June 2008

Early Night!!

If I can get to bed in the next ten minutes I will consider it an early night. I have just watched Regenesis. Haven't seen it for a while so was good to catch up with crewE. Medium is on next but saw the previews and is about a little boy whose doll tells him to kill his father. I'm not very good with scary looking toys that talk. Chucky .... Arrrrhhhhh.

Marina and I had a quiet day today. I didn't use the car once - saving on gas, which apparantly is going up to 180-ish from July. Awesome. Thanks for that. We did get out of the house though - for a walk round the paddies and along the river. We have some resident turtles. Have only counted four this season though. Hope they get shagging and have babies cause they are way cute and spend most arvos sunning themselves. Must be hard fighting for river space with the GE sized frogs in there though. 'piss off turtle, this is MY rock!'

Marina had a great time on the jolly jumper - bouncing away to macey in front of the mirror. She is nearly sitting up too and then I guess next is the crawl - or the caterpillar - or the GIJOE wriggle.

She had a mammoth sleep this arvo so I got chance to bake some Afghans (what else can you do with cornflakes that have been in container for god knows how long?) and do an article I got sent this morning. Was a no-brainer after the weekend one. Yay, we like getting paid for nice easy work. I even had time this arvo to get my kiddies english class on wednesday sorted. Miracles of miracles.

I have been a bit naughty though - some Salt and Vinegar chips and some vegemite off FBC should be on there way to me in the next couple of days. I had to order some incentive pads for English and well, I had to bypass the chips, chocolate and vegemite pages to get to the classroom materials page.

Right, my ten minutes are up.

nighty night campers.


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