Monday, 30 June 2008

Early Night!!

If I can get to bed in the next ten minutes I will consider it an early night. I have just watched Regenesis. Haven't seen it for a while so was good to catch up with crewE. Medium is on next but saw the previews and is about a little boy whose doll tells him to kill his father. I'm not very good with scary looking toys that talk. Chucky .... Arrrrhhhhh.

Marina and I had a quiet day today. I didn't use the car once - saving on gas, which apparantly is going up to 180-ish from July. Awesome. Thanks for that. We did get out of the house though - for a walk round the paddies and along the river. We have some resident turtles. Have only counted four this season though. Hope they get shagging and have babies cause they are way cute and spend most arvos sunning themselves. Must be hard fighting for river space with the GE sized frogs in there though. 'piss off turtle, this is MY rock!'

Marina had a great time on the jolly jumper - bouncing away to macey in front of the mirror. She is nearly sitting up too and then I guess next is the crawl - or the caterpillar - or the GIJOE wriggle.

She had a mammoth sleep this arvo so I got chance to bake some Afghans (what else can you do with cornflakes that have been in container for god knows how long?) and do an article I got sent this morning. Was a no-brainer after the weekend one. Yay, we like getting paid for nice easy work. I even had time this arvo to get my kiddies english class on wednesday sorted. Miracles of miracles.

I have been a bit naughty though - some Salt and Vinegar chips and some vegemite off FBC should be on there way to me in the next couple of days. I had to order some incentive pads for English and well, I had to bypass the chips, chocolate and vegemite pages to get to the classroom materials page.

Right, my ten minutes are up.

nighty night campers.


Sunday, 29 June 2008


Yay, bloody yay for finishing crap article on the International Criminal Court. If I'd pulled my head in I could have finished it on Friday night but alas, I got sidetracked by you again, and trying to upload crab pic.

Shou DID NOT sleep until six the next morning. Ten to five and its 'mummy, mummy, okita yo (I'm awake)!. Bugger off, go back to sleep (said in head), as I go to Shou's room. Hey sweetie pie (devilchild). Are you up already (of course you bloody are, have heard you brooming your car around your room for the last half hour). Lets go down and change your nappy and get you some breakfast aye? (maybe with half a sleeping pill mashed into your yoghurt!)

Love my kids, are perfect little packages of delight.

Shou had kindy on Saturday so hubby, Marina and I went to kurukuru sushi. I just figured that the staff that work on thursdays wouldn't be working on the weekends - and hence I wouldn't get caught for going to sushi twice in three days! WRONG!! Same staff - including nice young man who was in charge of our table on Thursday. He even remembered me - not for any exciting reason like that I look like sex siren with great boobs and long legs - but because probably was only foreigner the shop saw in the whole three days!! He even ASKED ME if I would like some corn salad sushi. Hubby looked a bit perplexed that he knew I liked corn salad sushi!!

On the way to and from sushi we had to drive over the same bit of road I had my talk with the police on. I think hubby knows something because he didn't go over 62 the whole time - and this is unusual for him. I refuse to break and confess though - dito for him - or else he really doesn't know and I am just reading a whole novel inbetween three lines.

There was a local festival in town today. It was raining but we braved it anyway. Shou got a free 'scoop a goldfish' ticket. According to hub the owner of the 'scoop a goldfish' booth didn't say anything when Shou flagged the stupid disolving scooper for his hand. We now have a lone goldfish swimming in a salad bowl on the bench - with some gungy river weed. Shou has named it 'taitai', very very original name meaning 'fishywishy'.

I forget sometimes that I am the only white person in Kunimi. People are so used to me I foreget I am a 'foreigner' sometimes. But today at the festival a little girl (but old enough to know better) demanded to know where I was from - was I American? I have nothing against americans but it is like asking every Asian you meet if they are from China. Really wasn't much of a biggy, but it has been a long time since this kind of open surprise at seeing a foreigner has happened.

Anyway, is my fault for choosing to live in small backward town.

Am hankering for a piece of cheese on toast. I bet if I google hard enough I will find a diet that endorses cheese toast eating at ten o'clock at night.


Friday, 27 June 2008

Mr. Crab

Shou decided he just HAD TO HAVE the crab that was lurking in front of the front door when we got home from kindy. I like dogs. I like cats. I like big animals like tigers and lions. Anything with long skinny legs, spiders, crabs, models, can just bugger off. But, a mother trying to impress her kiddies will do anything. So away I go and get Shou's little insect viewing plastic box thing and trap Mr. crab. Squeals of delight from Shou and mega mummy rocks brownie points for me.

(The can in the background of the pic is a slimfast can discretely disguised as a can of beer.)

Three hours later and Mr. crab is released from captivity while Shou is brushing his teeth. Tried a new technique tonight. Shou, who usually goes to bed at about half seven, went to bed at half eight. We are trying for the 'please bloody please, if you love your parents at all you will stop waking up at quarter to five and sleep until at least six' regime. Hmmmm. Will let you know how we got on tomorrow. He was the perfect child from between about seven until bed time. Daddy was out playing town office volleyball (!!???) so Shou and I read books and played a bit of WWF. Jump, Slam, giggle giggle, Hold, Count, giggle giggle. Marina was asleep - crashed out at seven on the dot. Big day of police stations and post offices.

Went to the next town over and paid my fine. Went to a post office I had never been to before to pay it. Then went to the police station to renew my drivers licence. I was so thnking they were going to tell me that after yesterday's anticts I had to pay more or take an extra course rah rah. They didn't say anything about the fine at all. I have to go back on the 23rd of July for a half hour defenisve drivers course type thing. I get my new licence that day too. Perhaps today when I went I was still flying under the radar and my fine hadn't hit their comptuers yet. I imagine they would have figured that I am bad bad girl scout by 23rd of July though. Ah well, we live and we learn.

Hub hasn't said anything about it so far, which makes me think the Kunimi grapevine isn't as fast and technologically advanced as I was led to believe. Otherwise he is doing the whole 'she hasn't told me about the police so maybe I will wait and see if she actually says something' thing.

A marriage is built on trust.

bollocks. Little white lies, or rather non confessions as in this case, are AOK. Some things are better left unsaid. It will come out sometime, but until then I will remain the gold licence most excellent drivers of all times wife.

Anyway, hubby is home from volleyball now. He lost one and won one. Everyone else is at a drinking thing - but I told him he might get lucky if he flagged the afterdrinks and came home with beverages instead. Clever man. Knows which side his breads buttered on.

Better hit the hay :p


Thursday, 26 June 2008

Over Speed

Over speed ... well, thats what Mr. policeman told me in English when he pulled me over for going 71km in a 50km zone. I have survived ten years of driving in Japan without any tickets - not even any warnings. I haven't had to do the crying woman I can't speak any Japanese thing or flash my boobs.

Marina and I went to meet a friend for lunch at kurkuru (revolving) sushi today. a few corn salads, shrimp and toro (??) sushi later Marina and I had to head home so that I wouldn't be late for my afternoon English classes. I wasn't hooning along. You can only hoon if you are in an Escourt, Lancer or maybe a Corolla. I was in our nice and respectable Honda Stepwagon. Marina was snoring in her carseat and I was drumming out a few Dido tunes with the window down, the wind in my hair ... blah blah, you now the routine. The road was a stretch of long straight coastal road about fifteen minutes from home. Sneaky little policeman sits in this little bit on the side - kind of squatting with his spead camera. Very hard to see until you just about drive over him. It is quite a common spot for them and I have often been the car getting pissed at the car in front because they are only going 62 - and then been relieved when they get pulled over instead of me. I guess it was my turn today.

Murphy's law that this happens the day before I have to go and renew my drivers licence to a GOLD licence - Gold. That means that, until today, I had no deductions on my licence and have been super excellent driver for X number of years - I think its five but it could be ten. Now I have a 2 point deduction. My fine, ahem $180, has to paid at the bank or post office - hence not paying it in Kunimi or the whole of civilization will know in a matter of minutes - possible seconds. Bloody hell, I may as well just tell the whole world on the internet.

I haven't told hubby yet and don't plan to until we are driving along the same stretch of road and he is going a similar speed, then I will casually say something like "hey, you know how fast you were just going now, well that's fast enough to get you an 180 dollar fine and a two point deduction off your licence ..."

So anyway, the policeman didn't seem too surprised to see a foreigner. In case I hadn't realised why I had been pulled over he said I had been 'over speed'. Almost as if I take speed every day and am finnaly starting to get sick of it. God, I am so over speed and so going to start something else! I don't usually leave the house with my bank card and personal seal in my bag. Lack of a personal seal meant I had to fingerprint the ticket. He assured me that they get Japanese people to do the same thing - if they don't have their inkans (seal).

Anyway, enough of my run in with the law. My three English classes went well. I used a big box of different colored shapes and sizes in all three classes - even with the Junior high kids. I have now got half an eye on CSI while I successfully procrastinate from translating an article on a transitional justice workshop held by a former Yugoslavian judge of the internatioanl tribunal. Trust me, I couldn't make this shite up if I tried.

Tomorrow I am going to the next town over to pay my fine and go and sort out my licence. I hope hubby doesn't ask to see my new Gold licence. I better get to bed.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Is there an 'r' in orthello? Does it have two 'l's?? Go the queen spelling bee. Today Marina and I took Shou to kindy and then carried on to Oita city - two hour drive away. She slept the whole way and I sang very loudly to SMAP (Japanese boy band) and only had to stop when I caught my self belting out 'Hippy Happy Shake' at the lights at a very busy intersection in Beppu - with the passenger window down. It took me the next twenty minutes to our destination to get over the embarrassment. Would have been a lot cooler if I had been singing something in English. Ah well.

We got to my sister in law's house at about half ten. Her daughter is married to a policeman who works late - as in doesn't get home until ten or eleven every night. And here I am going on at hub for getting in at eight some times!! She ends up going back to her parents house during the daytime and just going home to sleepand say a brief hi to hubby. Her bubs is three months old now and looks like he has spent the entire three months of his life tanning on the beach. His mum is very pale so I am presuming the permanent tan is from dad - who I have only met for ten minutes at their wedding. When we lined him (Rintaro) and Marina up to take a pic my neice said they looked like Orthello.

We stayed for lunch which was gourmet sammies - including pumpkin and cucumber!! I was a bit hesitant as I am a believer of pumpkins are grown to be roasted or turned into soup. Out with the pies and sandwhiches. In my book, putting pumpkin in a sandwhich is akin to putting corn, brocolli and mashed potato on a pizza - only in Japan! However, I am now a born again pumpkin rocks the sandwhich world believer. Not quite a vegemite, lettuce and cheese but possibly up in the top five .

I tried to upload a pic of Rintaro - who would be Marina's what?? second cousin?? He is Marina's cousin's son - my neice's son. hmmm. The pic is around the wrong way though so I need to sort that out - which I can't just do in a separate window now because this computer is like a woman with PMS. A pain in the bloody ass. I will need to re-boot and do all sorts of technical shite like hit the side of it and maybe throw the mouse across the room - then maybe get my pharmeceutical interrogation kit out (watching too much Jack Bauer on 24 season six) - to scare the hard drive into cooperating.

I will try my best.

And here we go... it worked.

Granny K and I have just come back from the rice paddie - at half ten at night. She turned the water on a couple of hours ago thinking that if she left it filling up over night there would be prime rice growing water levelage by tomorrow morning. She now thinks it might spit a bit during the night - in which case the water scales might tip to the drowning the damn rice side. Hence why we had to do a covert mission in the kei truck in the pitch black surrounded by croaking frogs. Big bonus daughter in law brownie points :)


Monday, 23 June 2008


Two days in a row! Blogspot wont recognize me. How did I find the time to blog every day - well, for the first two weeks or so anyway!

This will be short. I need to get in the bath and get to bed. I have just had to squilch my first overly sized spider of the season. Actually it wasn't even that big. Probably only about the size of Shou's hand. Give them another couple of months to chomp down some frogs and small snakes and they will be the size of my hand with a body as big and round as a small plum. Postively disgusting. Definately not in the 'insect' category. More in the 'animals that we need to make extinct' category. I know that they aren't harmful and that they can probably skull bak 300 flies and mozzies a day but still... you can hear them when they run across the floor. Time to start leaving boxes of tissues around the house. Unfortunatley I don't have any qualms baching them with a box of tissues, but I can't actually scrape them up and flush them down the loo. Gross. Bring back daddy long legs - who would guess I used to be afraid of them.

I am off to Oita tomorrow to see my niece and her three month old son. I have only met him for a total of five minutes ever. I invited Granny K to go see her one and only great grandchild but she said the watermelons need covering or the big black crows will come and eat them. She said she could do Sunday but then that would mean packing up the hubby and devil child as well, and I don't think the neice would be too impressed if we all invaded her.

Right, off to the bath.

nighty night campers.


Sunday, 22 June 2008

My Birthday

Posted by Shou - age two years and five days.

Today was my birthday party. I didn't have any idea of course but then that's probably because I am only two and don't have a clue about most things - apart from snakes and cars. I didn't even think anything was a miss when I came down stairs this morning and there were balloons for africa. Apparantely mum blew up 28 of the 32 packet in the same time it took dad to blow up 4 with a balloon blower upperer pump thingy. But then dad is very sick. He has what mum calls a man-cold but I can tell he is in pain. Must be my boy intuition. Hope I never feel as crap as he claimed he did. MY GOD his temperature was 37.4 which surely for the amount of carry on must be almost at deaths door - although mum tells me I had a temperature of 40 a couple of weeks ago and I appear to have come out the other side unscathed.

I digress. The party was starting at one, which really is a stupid time to plan a party for two year olds. Going right into nap time thank you - starting to get cranky. But, when everyone started turning up it was pretty exciting. I got given some cool things, ate some cake, had a few drinks, hung out on the deck. It was all really quite grown up - in between the head first slides down my coolest in the world jungly-gym / slide and shooting all my matchbox cars off my four storied parking lot car set thingy that ma and pa got me for my birthday.

Anyway, back to the cake. Mum made a train. I think she was pretty excited that I guessed a train first off. She would have been shattered if I had said boat or frog or something. I wasn't very impressed at the pink color of the main carriage. Bloody gay train. I wanted red god damn it. tomato red, McQueen red, the red of mum's new cilicone oven mit red - which by the way I saw her use this morning for the first time. She seemed overly excited about an oven mit, claiming she couldn't feel any heat at all. Bloody bollocks, I mean the oven was at 200 degrees for christ sake.

Back to the party. Mum had spent all day yesterday and this morning cleaning the house, which basically means cleaning up all my shite. Marina leaves her shite round too but I guess she doesn't know any better. Dito for Dad. The house was looking pretty sparkly bling blidda bling by the time my friends and their mums arrived. I showed them into the main hall aka the ballroom aka the 6 mat tataimi room. We played for a while and then mum made me the center of attention while everyone sang happy birthday to me. Not quite sure about the whole blow the candle out thing. I mean I'm really only just getting the hang of blowing on my food before I put it in my mouth - but then that's a survival tactic. Blowing a number two candle out on the second carriage of a banana cake train doesn't really top my list of things I really need to do right now. In the end I think the wind that ended up blowing the candle out came from daddy - although it could have been my friend's mummy who was blowing wind from the other side - mainly hitting me in the face, but some maverick wind may have gotten on target. Daddy took the credit though.

Marina was real good all day. I mean, I didn't even mind that she was there - even when she was star of the show for an hour in her jolly jumper. AN HOUR!! she was so quiet that mum kept forgetting about her. She was loving it though. Almost like a swan lake ballet dancer on some speed. Shit, I don't think I'm meant to know about speed.

My mum's friend over in Ireland sent me a cool lego train set. It arrived this morning but mum took it straight from the amazon man and hid it until after the party. I think she wanted to use it to bribe me to eat all my dinner and have a bath. I took ALL the pieces into the bath. I think Marina has taken a shine to the elephant (it is a train set with an elephant carrier - not joking here) and tried to eat it's head LOL. silly girls. I think I am going to stuff all the bits down my jim jams to see if I can get away with taking them all to bed. Mum's pretty up on the know about these things though so I doubt I will get away with it.

Thanks to everyone who sent me cool prezzies. I was spoilt rotton for a whole week. This whole birthday thing is quite lucretive - I'm not sure how you spell that but I don't think it really matters.

Mum said to say SDGH&QL, whatever that means.

love shou

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

GE Rice

It would appear that Granny K sprayed the rice shoots with weed killer instead of nice yummy rice grow spray. The shoots get delivered on trays. We need 20 trays for our size paddy. She sprayed ten of then before she realized. Her and Maki came hooning back home with the ten trays balanced on the back of the truck. She sprayed them down with the hose but then decided to leave them there and get ten more trays delivered. This was three days ago and the paddy has been planted but we still have ten trays of rice shoots lining the drive !? Who needs paving!

Shou loved his brithday prezzie. We got at least four hours of play out of it on sunday, which in itself was worth the $29.95 we payed for it. He wakes up in the morning and remembers it is there and gets excited all over again - albeit a bit wobbly and with a forty degree temp. He has had a temp since Monday. That night was terrible. How many times can you change a sweaty two year old in the middle of the night - answer should reflect exact number of pairs of pajamas, which in our case was three. I slept in with him for most of the night. Poor wee thing. Was running round on Tuesday though - our birthday. It was a pretty uneventful day, although Maki and I did get to sneak out for okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake type things - but really we went for the 'nama') for an hour after the kiddies were in bed. He also came home from work with very styly flowers which earn him several brownie points. I had to scrub the bench down so said flowers didn't fade into background of dishes and other crap.

God, I can't keep me eyes open. I had all good intentions to get on and write a decent blog to make up for our time apart but I am just too shattered.


Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Oven Mit

Well, the oven mitt has taken pride of place on the wall. Haven't used it yet but it so looks like it will keep me from burning my fingers.

Maki and I had yakiniku (BBQ) on the deck tonight - after the kiddie winkles were asleep. I had the iPOD in the new Aquatunes. Nice, nice, very nice. am liking it a lot. We had the BBQ on Maki's new father's day (tomorrow in Japan) BBQ. We were drinking one of the nice NZ wines that turned up yesterday. The 17cm set of shelves for beside the wash basin are just right - despite taking two hours to put together.

M and I had a girls day out today. We went to a huge home center, followed by lunch at starbucs and half an hour shitting ourselves because I had dropped the car keys. Thank god for good honest people shopping in the frozen foods section of the supermarket.

We are giving S his birthday prezzie tomorrow. His birthday isn't until tuesday but try giving a two year old the coolest, bestest car tower for his birthday and then tell him half an our later he has to get in the car for kindy! So, much better to give to him on rainy sunday instead. He still doesn't know the whole birthday concep t- although he has got the happy birtheday song down pat -even if he does think it's daddy's song!

I better get to bed. am sitting here yawning.



Monday, 9 June 2008


Blogging in the middle of day = procrastination. I have five english lessons to prepare for which means I am now on the computer checking emails and realising that I ordered some very unnecessary stuff on the internet last night after having a couple of glasses of wine! Before the computer, I procrastinated with some elbow greese. The sink has never looked so shiney. I contemplated starting to sand down the old wooden BBQ table so I can then paint a cool mural on it and turn it into a sand box for S - but that obviously wasn't high enough up on my list of ways to procrastinate.

As for last night's efforts... it should be illegal to partake in internet shopping while under the influence - especially when the credit card you are using belongs to a bank account in another country. Almost like playing with monopoly money. It isn't real really... is it?? A bottle of cheap nasty sav later and I am now the proud owner of a snoopy tie (sending to snoopy lover friend's husband), snoopy diary (for snoopy lover friend), shelf for beside the bathroom sink - tall thin one to fit in the 17cm gap between the sink and the wall. I think at some stage in between glass number two and three of cheap nasty sav I had visions of lovely new shelf being full of nice lotions and potions. I think I was about to surf the internet for the country bumpkin's answer to botox but then realised it was midnight and eye creams and anti-wrinkle syrums could wait for another day. My 'in the light of day' practicality tells me the new shelf will be full of nappies, baby suncream and perhaps an odd mascara or lip gloss.

I also somehow, not quite sure why, who actually buys these things, ordered a sillicone oven mitt. Jealous?? I know you want one really. Mine is fire engine red and has a magnet so it can stick to the fridge and and can handle up to 300 degree heat and and is just so cool it's going to make everything it touches turn to gold. It cost my innocent New Zealand bank account forty dollars. Arrrgghhh. Almost as much as my designer whisk I got last time I was home - in the light of day and no, not under the influence at all.

I guess if I realise the sillicone thingy was a waste I can always pass it on to Granny K. Perhaps she could prop up her vestling breastlings with it! By gosh, Kunimi wouldn't have seen a vestling with high breastlings before.

I also, as the online Apple store reminded me today, purchased an Aquatune which, to those out of the apple iPOD loop, is a waterproof speaker unit for my iPOD. How cool. I can bath with BGM or take it out on the lawn for sunny day picnics and BBQs.

Last, but not least, I ordered five bottles of sav from Pacifc wine cellars. New Zealand sav of course so not cheap and nasty. Note to self: drink in times of black out or while sitting on top of computer only.

So... the five english classes, that I am so successfully managing to procrastinate from preparing for, will pay for about half of last nights antics, when in all truthfullness they were meant to be paying for half an in-flight meal for our christmas trip home.

In other news....M is well. She is napping at the moment after an outing this morning to a NZ friend's house. We got fed yummy yummy banana cake - well, M didn't so I had to have hers for her. Doesn't bode well for my slim fast diet - which is the latest goer. I have a case of cappuccino slim fast cans. You are meant to substitute two meals a day if you want to lose weight fast. If you want to lose weight slowly you just do the one can a day. My first can the other day was an effort. Barrrgahahahahemrechrechgag. Sooooo sweet that it took me an hour to finish it, which could actually be part of the whole slim fast hype. But honestly, today I procrastinated for a whole hour before my lunch can - during which time I got so hungry I had to have two peices of cheese on toast. Bloody Hell. Thy will not learn.

Right, might try and sort out just one of my classes.


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Man Help

I am a bit of a bathroom scale freek - none of this 'I don't know when I weighed myself last' lark. Sometimes I might pop on three times a day. In the morning before the shower - and wonder how I managed to put on 400 grams overnight. Must have been all the pies I was dreaming about. And then once before and after my bath in the evening. Again, wonder at how it is possible to lose 400 grams during a thirty minute bath. I guess on nights like tonight I can understand it - shaving my legs after a two week hiyatus. (sp??) But 400 grams worth!! The mind boggles.

Took M to the hospital AGAIN (sigh) today after 24 hours of a 40 degree temperature. What with her big bald and extremely hot head I could probably have fried an egg, if not at least been able to heat up some leftovers to luke warm. She is sleeping like a baby at the moment. Funny that.

We had a full night of sleep from S last night. It was been a very very long time since this has happened. No nightmares or waking up at 4 o'clock to call daddy into his room to bleat on about two year old shite. Thomas rah rah, McQueen rah rah, ghosts rah rah, frogs rah rah, snakes rah rah, beetles rah rah, any kind of insect you can think of rah rah. We got a half seven to just before six stretch out of him. Miracle of miracles. Marina only woke three times ... Her temperature dropping bum bullet is about to wear off (they last about six hours) so I expect she will be letting us know pretty soon.

I took M into daddy's work last week. It was really just a show off session disguised as a lets go and say hello to daddy outing. Hub said something to his office about me telling him off that morning. He got up with S at half five and then when M and I came down at six he remained plastered horizontally to the couch while I got both of the kiddies sorted. He usually does the early shift with S and then when I come down he goes back to bed for an hour. We have it all worked out like a fine oiled machine (ahem). On the morning in question, after as much nagging as womanly possible he refused to acknowledge me and remained on the counch. Please aggree with me at how annoying this is. I got pissed off and told him I didn't mind him sleeping but could he do it upstairs so that I didn't have to see him sleep while I was running round like a headless chicken. I told his office this.

Being repremanded in front of his office (but really I was just relaying very briefly what happened) he decided to go on man help duties. You know, when men think they are helping and deserve a million brownie points, if not at least some extra nookie, when in fact their helping is filled with flaws - like washing all the dishes and putting all the cuttlery on a towel to dry on the bench, with the knives one centermeter away from the edge. OR, getting S changed and not realising both his t-shirt and trousers are on back to front. Thanks for the thought but some flowers and a shoulder rub would work better. Of course this can't be voiced to hub as we really do need to encourage our other halfs to help in house and child raising matters. Praise praise, praise and more praise. Thank you darling for cooking a lovely dinner (and leaving the bench looking like a bombsite), putting the washing on (minus any fabric softener), taking the rubbish out (before I had emptied the upstairs bins).

Enough already. As a woman it is my perogative (sp?? word usage??) to nag, bitch, and moan. Blame it all on PMT. Any tension comes pre a future period so surely this can be the excuse for everything.

That aside, hub and I are doing very well of late. Granny K has even been keeping a low profile - although I must admit when S came out of her room the other day with bright yellow all around his mouth I thought Granny K had been handing out adult vitamin pills again. Not to worry though, S had just been munching on crayons instead.

I have a new english class starting tomorrow - pre-school age kiddies. Five of them - WITH THEIR MOTHERS!!! arrrgh. What was I thinking. No winging it anymore. Here come the days of organized english lessons with lesson plans. OMG. Am actually nervous about teaching five 5 year olds how to sing 'head, shoulders, knees and toes.'

We went shopping over the weekend and bought me a mama-chari (bike) and a rear seat child carrier so I can take Shou to and from kindy on it. Murphy's law it rained yesterday and this morning so I couldn't use it, but I did go and pick him up on it this afternoon. The helmet is sooooooo cute -although we did have to get the four year old helment because the two year old one just about cut off all circulation to his big head. I will try and get a pic.

Better go and finish my lesson plan for 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes'.