Friday, 16 May 2008


Nearly off for an early night. M has been an angel all day and S was pretty good considering. His arm swelled up after his jab. He has gone to bed with a cool temperature sheet thing stuck to his arm. I took him to see the doctor this morning - the one who did the jabs. The lady on reception said there would be an hour and a half wait!! I said but I rung up and spoke to the docter in person and it was him that did the jab in the first place and hey... listen lady... do you really think this nearly two year old is going to sit nicely in this waiting room with these fifty vestlings!!! Not a chance. At that moment the doctor's wife saw me and ushered me in through a back door so the vestlings wouldn't see I was getting preferential treatment. I know her from way back. They give us firewood, I advise her on good travel plans for her trips to New Zealand, and I sat next to her the other day at Solar Panel man's son's christening lunch thing. We both poured each other too much beer. So all in all S was still at kindy by ten past nine.

After I left the docs it appears that he rang the town office - who organzied the jabs. S was sitting on my lap when he got the jab and I was holding his arms by his side but one of the other ladies was standing behind me steadying the jab arm. She appologised to hub today, saying that it may have been because she was holding him too tightly when the jab went in. It didn't occur to me but after hub said it i had a look at S's arm and sure enough - it is swollen around the general area but there are four definate round marks - as if from someone holding him. They wanted to take a photo of it so they went to kindy after nap time. Not quite the modeling debut I had in mind for S.

It was hub's birthday yesterday. He got to sleep all night until 7am - this is a treat. Usually he gets up for the usual one time S will call out in the middle of the night and then gets up properly with him at about half five when S is all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I spent the morning making a cake, cleaning and getting things ready - polishing the champers glasses etc. Also had to get ready for four hours of english - two at the primary school. Volunteer. and two at home - well paid. Haven't tought at a primary school for about six years. Was all good though - even if the principal has changed the once a term class to a once a month. I'll start pilching students from about July to come to my english class here. Japanese mothers tend to do a lot of school related stuff but that is when they have a child at the school in question. For some reason it's different with me - almost as if because I used to work here and teach english at the schools it's like I'm public property - volunteer her away. Just hope the other two schools in Kunimi don't catch wind of it.

I did volunteer my english story book reading skills to the kindergarten though. Proper volunteer stuff though - only when I can and not necessarily on a regular basis. Besides, S is actually at the kindy.

Speaking of work, some english checking work has come in from the university - finally. Just when I had given up hope of any. Long may it last.

Can't keep my eyes open. Must... sleep.


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