Tuesday, 6 May 2008


This is what happens when you leave baby drinking milk on own with hat on.

Took S to the department store with the cool car trollies. We had an action plan where hub dropped me off at the entrance so I could go and fight for one of the five car trollies while he found a carpark. S was stoked with with trolly and he and daddy went to look at the woggies in the pet shop while M and I did the clothes, shoes and bags thing. I ended up buying two t-shirts. One for S and one for M. It is amazing that money comes out of thy wallet a lot faster for kids things.

After about an hour we took S to ride on the thomas ride-on thingy-a-me-jig and at the same time noticed a play park at the back of the game center - 300 yen for half an hour of play in the ball pit, balloon pit and slide. Praise the lord for slides and ball pits. Except that a parent had to be in the park too. I think I ran from the bottom of the slide to the stairs about thirty times. S was so knackered that he started weaving to the stairs. Straight lines no longer an option.

We bought some lunch and had it in the shade at the park. S was almost asleep in the car on the way home when we had to pull over for an ambulance and fire engine - going full tit with sirens and lights flashing. Ooooh, kyukyusha kyukyusha (ambulance), pika pika (said for anything that is bright or flashing), followed by about twenty renditions of 'saita saita, tulip no hana ga....' (blossom, blossom, tuplip flower ...) - the song that the kindy has been practicing this month. He is getting quite good but tired, am so over the tired thing am starting to be silly, stage kicked in and the song turned into 'saita saita, baka baka baka, aka shiro kiiro' (blossom, blossom, dickhead dickhead, red, white and yellow)

For a not yet two year old I think he has quite an advanced vocabulary.

Nighty night campers.


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