Monday, 5 May 2008

Crying Sumo

Thought I should start introducing some characters. This is me (the foreign looking one) and Marina (the bald baby) and Solar panal man's wife (the Japanese looking one), and their son Tyson (on the harley). This was taken today at the crying sumo event we went to. There were only three kiddies from Kunimi in it but about fifty in total.
We had 'stamp on the rice cakes', followed by 'choose a toy', followed by the 'crying sumo'. Stamp on the rice cakes was ... well ... exactly that. Baby puts on red sash and headband and then pats their feet on massive rice cake that at end is divided up into fifty pieces so all participants get piece of rice cake that has been stamped on by fifty babies' feet to take home and eat.
Choose the toy is ... well ... exactly that. Put babies on mat surrounded by different things that each represent something. The ball represents sports. The money represents wealth (surprise surprise), the computer keyboard is business, the dictionary means you'll be a nerd and the pretend oversized candy represents .... your child will grow up to own a cake shop. Am partial to the odd cake so quite pleased M chose that out of everything. Means I'll be able to stop relying on things falling off the back of trucks.

As for the nakizumo - crying sumo. M was not having a bar of it. No crying for her. The competition however, took one look at the bald foreign baby and went ape shit. They won. We got some wild rice to take home and a bit of some kind of plant that damn it I was supposed to put in their bath tonight - supposed to mean baby will grow up to be healthy and happy. Last year, when we took S, I got the same bit of vegetation and probably told the same thing, but I wasn't with it and thought the long green thing was a leek and put it in the back of the fridge for a few weeks until I found it again and had to add it to Granny K's compost. I hope the gods take into account that mummy is a foreigner when they decide whether S and M will grow up to be happy and healthy. God knows I've cut them some slack before.

Tomorrow is the last day of the four day weekend. What to do with S??? Maybe a trip to the supermarket with the cool car trollies.


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