Monday, 12 May 2008


It would appear that S has forgone his obsession with anything with wheels for snakes. He has taken to building snakes out of his blocks - usually made up of about ten different blocks in a row, which occassionaly he will add an extra couple to the top of one end to turn it into a train. Only briefly though, and then he remembers he is more into snakes at the moment and takes the extra blocks off.

He is getting quite adapt at 'the snake', which is a two year olds version of the caterpilar and a lying down version of the moonwalk. I tried the snake this morning and was pleasently surprised to find it extremely difficult and perhaps a newcomer to the world of diet and exercise techniques. Who needs the south beach diet, the atkins diet or the zone diet when you can achieve the same results with only three minutes of 'the snake' a day. Alternatively this three minutes can be broken down into three one minute workouts. For faster results do the snake with a two year old sitting on your back.

I am taking both the kidlywinks for their jabs tomorrow. Granny K was going to come with us so she could keep an eye on one while I hold down the other in the jab room. It turns out she has a belated mothers day lunch thing with all the over seventy women in the neighbourhood. So I guess an unsuspecting nurse will be flung with the kids. Being the only foreigner in town and having the only semi-white babies however does have its perks. Never a shortage of people willing to hold and maul them.

Might be time for a cuppa and a few games of minesweep before bed. I go through minesweep addiction phases. Usually when I have study or work to do. Or I guess I could stay on line and look for a cool three tiered lunchbox with built in coffee machine and ice-cream maker. I WILL be queen of the picnics god damn it and I am convinced that 95% is in the presentation. Surely no one would have the gaul to actually ask to taste anything. God help me.


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