Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Perfect Afternoon

How not to spend a Tuesday afternoon...

Taking a 6 month old and nearly two year old to have jabs on the same day at 1 in the afternoon. Bloody nap time. Every woman child, man, beast, two elephants, two camels.. Noa... were there. I picked S up from kindy after lunch and went straight there to check in at 12:45 - 15 minutes before check in even started. We were second. However, forty screaming children later the lady announces that due to numbers they wouldn't be going in order of check-in. Instead they would be going in order of injections - MR first, our one second, and BCG last. FIFTEEN kids before us. M was lapping up the extra attention but S was so into nap mode he wasn't walking straight and was starting to get very scratchy.

M was meant to have her jab first but the doctor said he couldn't give it to her because she had a chesty cough. He made this decision after already making me undress her so he could 'moshi moshi' (check) her tum and back. She started nutting out - enter S, who then starts nutting out before it's even his turn.

My God

He slept for ohhhh, five minutes when we got home before breaking into a solid hour of unconsoluble ouch it hurts - but with his eyes closed. Granny K came into the lounge and somehow together, with a lot of strawberries, cars and some rescue vehicle stickers we consoled him. A few snacks later and he is happily playing on his plastic jungle gym on the deck. The slide is about thirty cms off the ground. I was in here changing M's nappy when S starts screaming out - I run out and pick him up only to get a mouthful of blood on my white top because he has hit his chin trying to do 'the snake' backwards down the slide. Trying to get S to hold some ice on his lip was an absolute no go without restraints so I had to follow chapter seventeen of bad parenting 204 and given him two orange iceblocks - which meant he had ice on his lip for a good forty minutes. Bloody ingenius I thought.

He still ended up with a lip that looks like he's just had some botox though.

Poor wee mite. He is finally tucked up in bed. M was out like a light at half six -w hich doesn't bode well for me for tonight. Ah well, might have to sleep the morning away tomorrow.



Jo Tomooka said...

Don't you just love the Japanese health system sometimes! I'm sure they just try to make things difficult for parents.... Iceblocks always work for me too. Perfect mothering I say! I hope you get to have a few quiet days to recover.

tj-injapan said...

that really sucks - I can't believe they changed the order of the jabs..... how rude!

I have K's second polio vaccination next month. last time I went, I arrived about 15mins before check in started, and I was seriously number 150 in line!!! But the factory assembly line, aah, I mean doctors check and vaccination went really fast, so I didn't have to wait that long really. Think I might turn up 20mins late this time, and then probably won't have to wait at all!? Or is that all too logic for Japan?

how is little botox boy? lol. I am going out to buys some iceblocks tomorrow as part of my first aid kit. great idea!