Friday, 30 May 2008


Hub is in the bath and I am sitting here with what seems a few phantom toys - ones that start talking for no reason. The current one is one that a friend bought in Britain so it has a british accent going 'one,' 'two,' 'triangle,' 'square.' Need to find the off switch. Don't wont that scaring the shit out of me in the middle of the night.

Have had a bit of a full on week. M had a raging temperature on Monday and Tuesday so off to the hospital to make sure it wasn't a kindey infection. It wasn't thank god. Although I had packed a weeks worth of stuff just in case we had to stay in hospital. The doctor (her usual one) and I almost laughed with relief when he said the test results said her pee was fine and the temperature was probably just from her raw red throat. Yay, thank god for raw red throats. rah rah. pop open the champers. Her throat wasn't so sore and red that she couldn't not chuck back normal amounts of milk and mistery mash though.

The temperature meant that the big hospital in Fukuoka wouldn't do her tests that had been booked for Wednesday. Luckily we rang on Tuesday to check. They have been rescheduled for next week.

S is coming out with new words every day - including 'yucky' - in reference to the green peas in his pea rice (mame gohan) the other night, and 'bakatare' which is worse than just 'baka' which I guess translates to dickhead. Anyway, S got five minutes in his room for calling his mother, the woman who spent her own birthday screaming blue murder pushing him out, a dick head. He is getting very adapt at changing the subject and knowing just how to push which buttons. I hate to think how far these skills will have developed by the time he is three.

It is his(our) birthday on the 17th. I haven't done anymore by way of organizing the tea party for two year olds - expect telling the four friends' parents about it. We are having it on the 14th - which is father's day in Japan. I have ordered a clown and a bouncy castle so it should be fun and games all round.

Right, I am off for a bath and then bed.

Will try and be more diligent with posting but blog neglect increases in direct relation to incoming translation work.


PS - I was joking about the clown and the bouncy castle. Perhaps Hub can act stupider than usual and the kids can roll round on our soft 'bouncy' grass - which, I might add, is still home to our resident fu%$# mole.

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