Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mothers Day

To all mothers out there. Especially of course to my mum, who is just great. It is her first mothers day without her mother which is sad. She was going to my sisters for a big roast, fine wine and good times with them and my brother. I rang her though, sent some flowers () - best internet floral service on the planet, or in New Zealand at least) and telephoned. Had to phone yesterday too - to see if I could substitute the beef stock in a meat loaf recipe for rosmary roast gravy mix powder. She wasn't home so I had to go ahead anyway - yum yum. Who needs beef stock when you can use gravy powder.

We took Granny K out for an onsen (hot spring) and dinner tonight. M and I refrained from soaking in the 42 degree bath but S jumped right in with daddy. Before we left Granny K started making some comments about how the dinner we had pre-ordered (because as anyone with two children under two knows, there is no time for a glass of wine while ordering) was not going to be very nice. She didn't want the sushi - would much rather have boiled fish. The tempura probably wouldn't be as nice as hers and they always gave too much rice. I had to pull the 'we're all going out for a nice meal that we don't have to make ourselves so can't we just enjoy it instead of complaining'. Silence. Happy families again.

Yesterday was the family picnic for S's kindy. It was lashing rain but it was on anyway. I made a meatloaf and bacon and egg pie the day before and got up early to finish the picnic lunch yesterday. I thought it was a pretty outstanding effort on my part. I was wrong. My god. The two families sitting on each side of us had a spread similar to osettchi ryori (the meal you make for new years). I had a quick glance and then felt the need to strategically drape myself over our blanket so my big ass was covering the sight of our lunch. I think my biggest downfall (I just wrote downpour and had to delete it!!) was the containers. I had our lunch in tuppaware containers - the real thing I might add. Not cheap. But obviously I need a three tiered lacquered extraveganzer.

Apparently the grandmother of the family sitting to our left at the picnic, had (I found out hours later) gotten up at 3am to prepare the lunch. I feel slightly better - especially knowing that it wasn't the mother who is the same age as me.

Granny K is going through another 'I don't know what a good 'toy' is' phase. Yesterday S came out of her room chewing an AA battery - I kid you not. When I packed a tit about it - as you do - Granny K said 'but it's an old battery, it doesn't work anymore'. Right Granny K, thanks for that bit of wisdom. Today S came out shaking a pill bottle - with pills in it. Hmmmmm. Think I need to add a few more locks to Granny K's door. Both sides perhaps!!

Right, Hub and I are going to toast mothers day.

Night to you all.


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tj-injapan said...

lock that woman up - and her batteries and pills!! (oops, better not say that really...I might turn on the tv in a years time to see your face plastered all over it the same way as that father in Austria is after having locked his daughter up for years. that was sick though. Sort of reminds me a bit of "Flowers in the Attic".)

Happy Mothers Day!!
And S and M look sooooooo cute in that photo. You are obviously a great mother to get such cute kids!